Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas - 2009

Things are quite busy around here as it always is. I have been thinking how I wanted to do this post - and I'm still coming up empty. So it's going to be a little bit of everything...

The Scott kiddos with Santa (poor Travis - one of these days he will smile in a picture)

Yesterday, 12/23/09, it got to a high of 76 degrees. Mike always says that he is able to wear shorts within one week of Christmas - and it happened again this year. Although we don't have pictures of him in shorts..there is one of me with my pasty white legs. The boys enjoyed being outside playing and going for a short walk.

Airplane!!! Ian can spot those planes in the sky.

Ian and Travis

Ok - so you saw us in shorts and tshirts yesterday. You might be asking yourself what is the weather like today? It's now 39 degrees, forecasted snow flurries by noon and then it turns to rain in the afternoon with a high of 41 degrees!

Gotta add a recent picture of Lauren. She was tickled about something as we were bathing the boys!

The tree is up and the presents are under the tree. We did manage to put lights up outside this year, nothing too major, but something to where we are participating. Notice the fence around the hutch, the tree, and the computer?? I think I might hold the World's record on the longest fence INSIDE!! The perimeter has been breached twice by whom? IAN. He made his way to the tree..he was caught before any damage could be done, but boy is that kid quick!

Merry Christmas everyone!! Everyone stay safe, warm, and enjoy this holiday season!!

Hugs and kisses to my family. I miss you all very very much!

The Scott Family

Monday, December 14, 2009

2 years ago today...

Most momma's write a "1 year ago" post ..well as you can tell I'm not like other momma's and that blog post was the furthest from my mind a year ago. I wasn't sure what my name was at that time.

Anyway, 2 years ago today we found out our life was going to drastically change. We knew we were pregnant but were going into see my RE for a routine sonogram after the + test. We put two embryos back during the IVF procedure and I wasn't going to freak out if it were twins. During the sonogram I saw two embryos and right after I said "I see two", the sono tech, moved the wand and said "I see three!" Mike said something that I'm not able to post and all I could do was laugh.

We didn't tell my family until Christmas when I made the usual year video with a "surprise" at the end. We told Mike's Mom and sister Jess on Christmas Day when we presented a shirt to Lauren that said "Big Sister". My sister in law, Tiffany, had her baby on the 17th of December and Ms. Ava was still in the hospital for some minor medical issues so we kept our news a secret until Ms. Ava came home a few days later.

At 13 weeks along we found out that we were having all boys. We had the nursery set up by the time I was 18 weeks pregnant. And the pregnancy went along without any issues until I had some bleeding at week 29 and that landed me two days in the hospital. I was given the 2 steroid shots for the boys lungs just in case they came earlier than we had planned. Two weeks on bedrest and I was back on to my normal activity until the boys arrived.

I had the two best OB doctors. Dr. Berry Fleming was my OB and Dr. David Gore was my Perinatologist. I got to see one of these doctors at least every two weeks until I hit 28 weeks, then I believe I saw one of the drs once a week. Fleming's goal for me was to hit 34 weeks, but my goal was to hit 36. I know, I have to be an overachiever. Once I hit 32 weeks, I was beginning to reconsider my goal. At my 33 appt, Fleming and I discussed that it was time to schedule the c-section, it was beginning to get harder to breathe and to do my normal activities (at that time pretty much just included sleeping, sitting on the couch and eating).

At week 35 and 2 days the boys arrived. Logan being the first at 7:44 a.m. and following him was Travis at 7:45 and Ian just a second or two later! Logan and Ian came out looking fine and were crying. Travis on the other hand, had us worried. He came out looking pale and limp and was not crying at all. I was able to see all three before they were taken to the NICU. Travis was a little anemic and was dehydrated.
While I was in the recovery room, I was able to have visitors. Everyone that was in the waiting room made their way in to see me. My special guest was Lauren...I was so surprised that she was able to come see me there! The hospital staff, including the NICU nurses, were so good in trying to keep Lauren included with the trio.

Logan 4 lbs 4 oz

Travis 4 lbs 2 oz

Ian 5lbs 6 oz

The boys had the best care in the NICU for five days and then they came home and that is where the adventures continues...

The morning before my scheduled c-section, I remember Lauren eating breakfast. She looked at me and said "Well this is it. This is my last day as an only child!" I wasn't sure how to react and I asked her if that was a good thing and she said "OH YEAH! I'm so excited to see my baby brothers."

Lauren being the first of anyone to hold Travis.

Lauren has been the best big sister that these boys could have. She may not change a diaper, but will help out whenever I ask her to. It makes my day when she comes to me and says "these boys are so darned cute!" She always kisses these boys before she leaves for school and when she comes back. Ian is her biggest fan, he gets so excited to see her when she gets home.

The boys at 17 months old:




Some days are hard with these boys, but I wouldn't change it for anything. We laugh about something every day, whether it's something they are doing or something they are trying to say. I love my kiddos!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Cool shoes and an anniversary

Today Mike and I are celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary. What a feat, I know. No huge plans, just a quick dinner out tonight and we will be off doing some more Christmas shopping.

Look at these adorable shoes!!

Someone on my mommy forum had posted that they were on sale on They are called Polliwalks. So I had to go take a look and at a price of $6.95 it was a steal. I picked up three pair of shoes for the boys for next summer. Ian likes his so much that he's worn them since I took them out of the package!!

Till next time (I have a special blog entry coming up in a couple of days)...stay tuned!

Monday, December 7, 2009

So late on this usual.

Can you imagine what I've been doing since my last post? Yes, that is right..I've been sitting on my butt watching Desperate Housewives and eating bon bons!! Oh in my dreams.

Brenda flew in the Saturday before Thanksgiving and stayed until the Sunday after the holiday. We picked her up from the airport and headed to lunch. I figured we don't get out to eat much and with an extra adult with us I wanted to take advantage. We went to The Rainforest Cafe because Lauren has been wanting to go there for a very long time. With all the activity with the animatronics and the people at the restaurant, the boys handled it very well. They ate what I took for them to eat as well as what we ordered. But when the boys are done eating, it's time to go. I've never seen three adults scarf down their food so fast as we did that day.

We hung out at the house on Sunday and made our bimonthly trip to Costco. On Monday we packed everyone up and drove to the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. It's about a 2 hour drive there and then you can take as long as you want going thru the drive thru Safari. We stopped half way at the restaurant/petting zoo/gift shop area to let the boys get out and run. The drive home was a bit stressful as the boys were AGAIN hungry and we hit traffic coming back into Dallas. I felt terrible as I fed my kids fast food all day, but when they eat everything you have brought - what else could I do??

For the rest of the week we just mainly hung out with Aunt Brenda, watching baby Lauren videos, baby boy videos, baby Keaton and Drew videos, and old videos that Mom and Dad made for me of the family while I was living in Hawaii back in the 90's. Of course we didn't get through them all...but that will be for another visit. But I think I have decided to make a montage of the ones for Keaton - by the time he graduates from high school, the video should be done!! ;-)

Thanksgiving went off without any problems. Everyone brought some good food and none of us cooked to feed an army this year...although the memo will go out next year that if you bring a dessert, it goes home with you. I had the pecan pie, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin roll that I made, Mom's apple pie and carrot roll, and the Coconut cream pie that Tiff brought all left at the house...NOONE wanted to take anything sweet home!!! Let's just say, none of it went to waste!!

Christmas cards are printed and the envelopes are being addressed this morning. Thanks to some frugal website that I frequent, I've gotten 75 photo cards for a whopping $3.19!! Now if I can just get that kind of deal on stamps!!

Lauren was in the city parade on Saturday as the Grinch. Her girl scout troop decided to be do a float and the came up with the design on Thursday evening. So what did that mean for Mom? Friday morning I was getting all the boys ready to go to Joann's fabric store to make a grinch costume. Let's just say that I'm glad that the parade was at night and only illuminated by the xmas lights on the floats!!

There is so much more going on here but will post all about that later (how much later is the question huh?)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

fun times at our house

I have only a couple of days before Brenda comes in for the holidays and I thought I might give her a preview of the fun that she is going to have while visiting.

I won't tell her our days begin at the the crack of dawn (5:45) nor will I tell her that it gets crazy here around eating time and she is going to be exhausted by the time 9:00 p.m. rolls around.

I bet she will love every minute of it, just like we do.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

This post is going to go back about a week...and of course, I'll post Halloween pics at the end...just to keep you interested ;-)

We met Mike's family at one of the local pumpkin patches for some fun.

Then there was pumpkin painting at the Scott house.  The kids cousin, Ava, had painting down, and of course, Lauren did an awesome job on hers.  The boys....well let's just say that we are glad that Aunt Tiff got some nontoxic paint.


It is safe to say that there was more paint on the boys' face than there was on the small pumpkins...but hey we all had fun!  Thanks Aunt Tiff for being so artsy fartsy.

Ok - it's been suspenseful I'm sure, but here are some pics from last night.  We had a crew of about 11 with us which made for a fun night.

From left:  Ava, Ian, Logan, and Travis

Lauren and her friend Kayla

One of the many houses that we hit.

And a picture of my little cat burglar...Logan.

 Hope you all had a great Halloween.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Softball MVP

This softball/soccer season has been a funky one.  There has been rainout after rainout. Luckily we have played all of our soccer games, but it looks like we are going to have softball games that cannot be rescheduled as there are not enough days in October to makeup 4 games.

I have gotten a bit smarter (I know, it's almost impossible ;-) in that I have gotten a babysitter for the boys for the past couple weekends in order for me to watch Lauren's games w/o chasing after the boys.  I'm hooked...I love having that time to watch Lauren and to catch up with the news with the other parents!

Lauren made MVP again for her softball team.  It was during a game that they lost, but she hustled for the ball and got a couple hits at bat.   She received the game ball as MVP.  She was first a little upset that it was dirty, but then quickly figured out that was the best part of the ball itself.

Halloween is right around the corner.....the boys tried on their costumes yesterday and it seemed as if they enjoyed wearing them.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin Patch pictures

A week and a half ago we met a local photographer, Stefani Marcus (, for what is called a mini-session at one of the pumpkin patches.  I blogged previously that a 15 minute mini session could be a good thing or a bad thing for my crew.  It was a good thing....see for yourself!!!

Lauren and the gang




Friday, October 16, 2009

Our trip to the fabric store (pictureless post)

I'm feeling all crafty lately and decided to make the boys their trick or treat bags.  I got online and found a free pattern and directions that even a kid can make.  I compile my list of things to purchase and off we go.

We get to Joann's Fabrics and I have the triplet stroller, so that leaves me no room to put all my treasures in.  No big deal, I can handle it.  I also am going to attempt to decorate wooden letters in the boys' names for their room. So I grab all the things I need to get for that project and then off to the fabric section to get the felt.  Of course, it's on a huge bolt.  I grab it and off I go to the cutting dept.  NOONE is in line at the cutting counter.  I see a little older lady behind the counter and I sit the bolt of fabric on the counter as it's huge and I'm trying to hold it and push a 50 lb stroller with 65 lbs of boys in it.  The lady informs me that I need to take a number.  "A NUMBER?  You've got to be joking" I said . And then I heard her reply, "yes even if there isn't anyone else here!".  Alright, I take three steps and grab a number.

Wait for it.......ready????

Then she asks me what my number is.  23!  She starts calling out "Now serving #23".  Oh wait it gets better....

Then she gets on the loudspeaker and says again "Now serving #23 at the cutting station!".  There I am in disbelief. The whole purpose of shouting out the next number is if that person has moved out of the area...BUT IT WAS ME and SHE KNEW IT.  I know I was shaking my head..and I know I was saying WTH in my head (and hopefully not in my outside voice - but it could have happened).  I get my yard of fabric, thank her for her outstanding, following the handbook to a tee customer service and walked way...again still in disbelief.

On my way out of the cutting area two little older ladies saw me with the boys and one said, "I feel so sorry for you".  I knew this day would come and I've wondered how I would react.  I've been on several multiples boards and there are some sensitive women on them.  Some get really irate, some have something witty to say as a response to comments like this.  I know MOST people don't mean to be mean with their comments about multiples.  I was so proud of my response (especially after the cutting fabric incident), I just smiled as big as I could and I said "Please don't feel sorry for me...I love being their mom and it's alot of fun!"  I must have surprised her with my response because both of the ladies stopped in their tracks and struck up a conversation with me.

I was hoping to post of my pumpkin patch photos, but they didn't show up in the mail today.  Maybe tomorrow!!

It's Friday and again we are jam packed with sport games this weekend!  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When Dad is away...and Halloween preview

Last week Mike had a conference in Las Vegas from Monday thru Thursday and left me at home with all the kids.  It really wasn't that bad, but I was sure ready for some help on Friday.  It rained all week while Mike was gone and trying to keep three little ones entertained was a little difficult.

At one time during the week we had a malfunction with the cereal box. Mom left it too close to the edge of the desk and can see. I will no longer complain how little cereal there is in a box, because now I know.

Do you see who the instigator is???
We all had cheerios stuck to the bottom of our feet, some crushed, some totally intact.

Did you know fruity cheerios are sticky?? 

Now with four kiddos I need to start Halloween shopping early.  I can honestly say that I am done.  We have 5 costumes (yes I know I only have 4 kids), but I wasn't sure if I was going to win an ebay item or not (it's usually not since I'm so "frugal").   So here is the preview, let's see if you can guess what they all will be this year.

Pumpkin patch pictures went extremely well on Saturday.  It was a mini-session where we only get 15 minutes with the photographer.  15 minutes can either be a long time or an extremely short amount of time with my crew.  Luckily the kiddos did great and the pictures are wonderful.  As soon as I pick my 20 shots and they are edited, I will post them here.

In three weeks it will time for yet another mini session, this time will be for our holiday pictures!  I'm having to start over finding outfits.

It's supposed to rain all week again this week.  We have an outing at the pumpkin patch on Saturday with our cousin Ava. There should be plenty of pictures to share from that outing.  Wish us luck!

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