Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When Dad is away...and Halloween preview

Last week Mike had a conference in Las Vegas from Monday thru Thursday and left me at home with all the kids.  It really wasn't that bad, but I was sure ready for some help on Friday.  It rained all week while Mike was gone and trying to keep three little ones entertained was a little difficult.

At one time during the week we had a malfunction with the cereal box. Mom left it too close to the edge of the desk and well..you can see. I will no longer complain how little cereal there is in a box, because now I know.

Do you see who the instigator is???
We all had cheerios stuck to the bottom of our feet, some crushed, some totally intact.

Did you know fruity cheerios are sticky?? 

Now with four kiddos I need to start Halloween shopping early.  I can honestly say that I am done.  We have 5 costumes (yes I know I only have 4 kids), but I wasn't sure if I was going to win an ebay item or not (it's usually not since I'm so "frugal").   So here is the preview, let's see if you can guess what they all will be this year.

Pumpkin patch pictures went extremely well on Saturday.  It was a mini-session where we only get 15 minutes with the photographer.  15 minutes can either be a long time or an extremely short amount of time with my crew.  Luckily the kiddos did great and the pictures are wonderful.  As soon as I pick my 20 shots and they are edited, I will post them here.

In three weeks it will time for yet another mini session, this time will be for our holiday pictures!  I'm having to start over finding outfits.

It's supposed to rain all week again this week.  We have an outing at the pumpkin patch on Saturday with our cousin Ava. There should be plenty of pictures to share from that outing.  Wish us luck!

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