Saturday, April 23, 2011

The week leading up to Easter

It's been crazy busy around here. I've been trying to get the boys out of the house once a day during the week and it has seemed to have worked and my afternoons are getting a bit better, but I don't have any extra time for blogging.

Mike traveled this week and when he came home on Thursday it was time for the city's Easter Egg hunt. Last year the boys didn't pick up one egg. This year wasn't much better. Ian ran off with Lauren and came back with a bucket full. Logan and I took off and he ran past a few eggs with a certain colored egg in his view. He grabbed only two eggs. Mike had Travis and he was more than happy with just his ONE egg. Mike was a little disappointed, but hell if the kids are happy then it's all good! Less candy I have to deal with!

Mr. Ian charms everyone. I didn't see anyone else being hoisted on the ponys.

Today, I attempted a craft with the boys. Lauren was home from school so I had an extra set of hands "just in case". I sneak back and watch the boys when they are in their Mommys Day Out program and they seem to do their painting and such pretty well so I figured I'd try it at home! They did an awesome job. Of course I handled the glue but they did a great job decorating their Bunny hats. Even Lauren made herself a hat (I won't post a picture as I'm sure I'd get kicked if she found out..but that's not to say that I won't use it on her slideshow at graduation).

And this was my new project for today. They turned out pretty well I might add!

Happy Easter!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Does it get easier?

Today at Multiples and More the question of the week is what a lot of people ask me these days...Does it get easier (as they get older)?

Looking back to when the boys were born, it was a lot of work with little sleep. Feeding, changing, burping the boys every 3 hours. It would take another hour to clean up and get ready for the next I only had two hours to sleep/pump/shower/spend time with Lauren, etc. and that lasted for about 3 months.

(the date of this pic is wrong BTW)

Once the boys got mobile it got a bit easier as I gave them access to the house, with numerous gates throughout the house. The feeding/eating every three hours didn't change and I felt (and still do) that I spend all my day in the kitchen.

As the boys are toddlers and moving towards preschoolers it's becoming harder. If one wants to do something it's inevitable that the other two want to do something different and I'm stretched in two or three different directions trying to make everyone happy; adding on any help with homework that Lauren may have after school.

Right now we are in a phase that I can't get a hold of. Usually we are all out of whack for about a week before I realize that their needs are changing and I can adapt. I'm still trying to figure out what is going on so that I can keep these boys happy and from screaming out of frustration!

So, does it get easier? Yes and No. It has gotten easier in the fact that I get more sleep and no more bottles to make and clean. They are all talking enough so that I can tell what they want most of the time. But as they are getting closer to 3 yrs old I'm struggling with three different personalities that don't always get along, share, etc. Not to mention that I have potty training and moving them to toddler beds hanging over my head!

I'm sure I'll look back on these last two years and realize that this was easier than teenagers x 3. I do the best that I can do. This is my life and I wouldn't change it for the world!!

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