Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last post of February

I realized that I haven't blogged since Lauren's birthday and it's been about three weeks. Although it seems as if I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off, there really isn't anything in particular that I've doing other than the normal every day stuff.

Although I seem to live a boring life ;-), it's been packed with activities this weekend. Girl Scout cookie booths began on Friday and Lauren and I signed up to do three booth sales this weekend so our "duty" is out of the way. Today is our last booth sale and then we are off to deliver the rest of our cookies to the neighborhood. Lauren is in two soccer leagues now and she had a game yesterday and another one today.I can't wait for Monday so I can relax!!

The weather here has been kind of funky. It's been a very cold winter for Dallas. Of course ya'll know we had 12.5 inches of snow earlier this month, which was a record. Usually winter consists of a cold front coming in for a few days and then it warms up to the 50's and rinse and repeat until end of February or early March when the cold fronts are spaced even farther.  But this year it seems as if we haven't really gotten out of the 30's or 40's for the past two months.   I'm so looking forward to some nicer weather...these boys are itching to get out of this house more (and Mamma too). Yesterday was a really nice day, topping out at 64 degrees. Today is forecasted for the same and then rain tomorrow! I'm guessing by mid March the weather will be a lot better than it has been these past two months!

The boys playing in the back yard during our record snow fall.



Taking a walk the day after the snowfall.


Poor Ted can't seem to eat in peace at our house!

"You gonna share that?"

Happy Birthday Lauren!

Ok my brain is fried with all this blogging.  The boys are no longer waking up at 6 a.m. - they've moved their new time to 5 AM!!!! I think they are going thru a growth spurt since they are eating everything in sight when they wake up, but dang just one more hour of sleep is all I'm asking for!

Til next time...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy 10th Birthday Baby

It's official...I have a 10 year old.

Ms. Lauren was born 10 years ago today in a hospital in Friedrichshafen Germany. She was 6 lbs 7 oz and was 19 inches long. By the time she was 16 months old she had more customs stamps in her passport than most adults. We took her everywhere. Although she doesn't remember it (but boy do we remind her), she's been to London, Paris, Munich, Salzburg, Heidelburg, Fussen (where two of Germany's famous castles are), Barcelona, Nuremberg, and Zurich. I'm sure there are more cities that she's been to, but I just don't recall.

I was a bit bummed writing this blog entry because 1. I'm feeling old, 2. my baby is growing up and 3. I thought I lost all of my digital pics of Lauren when she was a baby. I have two hard drives that need to be recovered and all my digital pics are on there. Well, while I stayed up half the night writing and rewriting this post, I found a backup has some of her pics so it will have to suffice for now.

Lauren at 3 months old

Lauren (6 months) with Aunt Kathy and Mom in Munich.

Lauren, age 2, with her "cow tails". It was the only way I could get her to put her hair in pig tails. She apparently didn't like pigs at the time!

Lauren, almost 3

Lauren, age 5, with her Kinder teacher, Mrs. Klimek

Lauren (age 7) with Aunt Brenda

Playing keeper at age 8

Happy Birthday girlie!

**Today is a snow day. I woke up to about a 1/2 inch of snow and it's supposed to snow ALL DAY. Lauren woke up at 7:15 all in a tizzy because I didn't wake her up in time for school. So now I have all these cupcakes in my fridge, hopefully they can use them at school for their Valentine's Day party!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Double Digits for Ms. L

Lauren is going to be turning double digits in less than a week. Previous years parties included an ice skating party, dinner with family at Kobe Steak House AND a party with all of her friends (I just can't recall where), a gymnastics party, roller skating party and there are others that I just can't recall right now.

BUT...this year we offered an idea; she could invite two of her friends to Medieval Times and she jumped on that idea. She has been seeing commercials about Medieval Times for months now and luckily Mom pays attention when she wants to!! Now the hardest part was picking only two of her friends. She wanted three and couldn't decide who to cut. After calling and finagling a way to use two discounts at the same time, it was only an additional $20 to bring another friend. Lauren wins again.

We had some scheduling difficulties since the date we wanted to go was a blackout show and they wouldn't allow any type of coupons. When the tickets are over $50 for adults and over $30 for kids...we are using coupons and however many coupons that I can talk the salesperson into giving me. We just had to adjust one week prior to her birthday - not a big deal!!

So we went last night for the 8 p.m. show. I also paid a little bit more for Lauren to be "knighted" and to have her name read during the show since it was such a special evening. You know you only turn 10 once! and 21 once, and 30 once...hmmmm

"Are we there yet?" is what we heard about 10 minutes after we left the house and it continued until we were about 30 seconds away from our destination!! The suspense was killing them. We bought souveniers for all the girls and Lauren got a special birthday hat that I'm sure she will wear again (smirk).

Almost all of the girls fell in love with the tomato bisque. As Lauren said, "I licked the bowl clean, Mom." She is my girl. I didn't tell anyone that it's just glorified tomato soup, and can you guess what we will be having this week for dinner? We will see if it's any better here at the house. Everyone was pleased with their food and seemed to love the show.

We were seated in the black and white section and we had to cheer for our knight, which won the tournament by the way.

And on the way out of Medieval Times, they had a dance floor and people were dancing to the Electric Slide (I think that's what it's called)...that was all she wrote. I was holding everyone's paper hat, sword, picture, and coats all the while watching three girls (Ms. Chrissie stayed back with me) dancing out on the dance floor!!

All in all, I believe that a good time was had by all!! Hopefully it's another birthday party that will be remembered by Lauren and her special friends that were able to come celebrate with us!

Krissie, Makayla, Ms. L, Macey

Happy Birthday baby girl. I cannot believe that you're almost 10. We have one more party with the family to go and it will be official!
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