Thursday, March 26, 2009

9 months old today

The boys are 9 months old today!! Only 3 months to go before the "We made it through the first year" party.
The pediatrician was extremely pleased as to how well these boys are growing. They are almost perfect!!

Their stats are as follows:

28 3/4 long (75% percentile)
16.4 lbs (less than 5% percentile)

28 3/4 long (75%)
16.5 lbs (less than 5%)

IAN: (ready for this????)
28 1/2 long (50% percentile)
20 lbs (45%)

Although the smaller boys weights are in the lower percentile, the pedi is not concerned at all.

The boys are eating regular food and are extremely active as long as they continue to eat and play, she said there is no concern. We only got one shot today along with a toe prick to check for anemia, which was normal for all the boys.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Look before you snap

Spring break is long gone. We didn't go anywhere this year but tried to keep Lauren busy for the week. She went grocery shopping, Costco, to the mall, and canoeing with Dad and the girl scouts. I think we've decided that traveling with the trio will have to wait until they can sleep in a regular bed and take turns driving!!
Perhaps we can make a trip to Michigan next summer - but we will have to wait and see what these little turkeys are doing at that time.

Logan and Travis are crawling - ALL OVER THE PLACE. It is time for gates, but then again I need to find time to put them up. Ian still isn't crawling but it's just a matter of time before he does. I think he will do so in a week or two. He's tired of getting his toys taken away from the other boys. They crawl up to Ian, take his toy and crawl off.

And who needs baby food..these boys don't. They want real food darn it. I'm slowly getting rid of the stash of baby food that was in the pantry. They are eaters let me tell you. I know it's just the tip of the iceberg!!

Lauren took some recent pics of the boys and thought I would post them tonight. We are getting the boys 9 month pics done on Saturday with a photographer from my local mommy forum. I'll be sure to post.


It's been nice here for the past few days and the boys were quite fussy tonight. We took Ian out on the patio and let him hang out a bit. We took some pictures of him and he just smiled for the camera. Unfortunately, I didn't notice "what" was going on in the yard. Thank BooBoo.

Monday, March 2, 2009

8 month old boys and a 9 yr old girl

The beginning of March brings me older kids (BTW - I'm not getting older at all).
Lauren turned 9 last month and the boys just turned 8 months.

Logan and Travis are both scooting around; not exactly crawling yet, but are somewhat mobile. They can both go from their hands and knees to a sitting position. There have been several times that I go into their rooms and I see them sitting in their cribs. Ian is not crawling at all. He rolls where ever he wants to go. And for those of you that have seen him recently, there's a lot of him rolling. I haven't weighed him recently but I believe he is over 20 lbs. He is pushing the limit on his infant carseat. I know he's pushing my limit on carrying him in that infant carseat. It's all I can do to lift him up and place the seat on the base in the car.

Here's a video of Ian blowing raspberries.

The boys are having their class picture taken tomorrow. I wasn't going to take them since it's not the same day that they have Mommy's Day Out. But I recd a call from the teacher on Tuesday and I could tell she really wanted the boys to be there.

Spring break is happening next week. I cannot believe that it's here already. Earlier this week we were wearing shorts and tank tops and today, well, let's say we are wearing a hell of a lot more clothes. It's raining and it's only gotten to 42 degrees today.

I gotta get to bed. It was not a good night last night and I'm hoping for something better tonight!!
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