Thursday, March 26, 2009

9 months old today

The boys are 9 months old today!! Only 3 months to go before the "We made it through the first year" party.
The pediatrician was extremely pleased as to how well these boys are growing. They are almost perfect!!

Their stats are as follows:

28 3/4 long (75% percentile)
16.4 lbs (less than 5% percentile)

28 3/4 long (75%)
16.5 lbs (less than 5%)

IAN: (ready for this????)
28 1/2 long (50% percentile)
20 lbs (45%)

Although the smaller boys weights are in the lower percentile, the pedi is not concerned at all.

The boys are eating regular food and are extremely active as long as they continue to eat and play, she said there is no concern. We only got one shot today along with a toe prick to check for anemia, which was normal for all the boys.


Crystal said...

Aww, 9 months!? Isn't it crazy how fast it goes? Way to grow guys!!

Jill and Mike said...

It's going by way too fast!!!

Kristen said...

Your boys are adorable!! Thanks so much for liking my interview, I tend to write a ton, haha.

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