Sunday, September 25, 2011

The first break

Last Sunday came and was almost gone before I realized that someone was injured. After dinner the boys were playing near the time-out chair which is located by a table that I have in a niche out side the kitchen. I remember telling the boys to stop climbing on the table and off they went to do something else. I continued to clean up from dinner and I heard Travis cry (his "I'm hurt cry") and I ran to him...I don't remember where he was, but I remember cradling him on the couch and asking where he was hurt. He didn't respond and he stopped crying about a minute later. Typical. At bedtime about two hours later I noticed Travis wasn't using his left hand at all. I called Mike in and he noticed that his thumb was swollen and it hurt to touch it. Off to the ER we went. Xrays were ordered and it was discovered that Travis had a broken thumb. It's not fractured/broken like most bones, it's what they call a buckle fracture; the bone is bent.

We had a hand specialist appt on Thursday at Children's Hospital and they decided to cast it for three weeks. There is also a bump on this thumb and that could be an issue after the cast is taken off. It's possible that he may have a trigger thumb - it should heal itself but if not then he will need surgery to correct it!

Can you guess what Travis' favorite color is?

He seems to get along pretty well with the cast, which goes up all the way to the shoulder.  The dr explained that they usually go way up with the cast on skinny kids.  They tend to wiggle out of their casts. It's going to be a long three weeks- but thankfully it's not 6-8.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just a little help

Sunday morning began as usual...6 a.m. When I asked what they wanted for breakfast Logan pipped up and said "Pancakes". I didn't have any more boxed pancake mix and there was no talking him out of pancakes. So....I broke out my Texas cookbook and went to the page that has my favorite pancake recipe. Boy, did I have help making pancakes that morning. .
Sunday evening was quite the night as well...there was a "first" but that is another blog post

Monday, September 12, 2011

Back to school

Lauren is now the big middle schooler.  The first week of school I didn't have to wake her up, today is the fourth week of school and we are back to the alarm clock.  She gets to sleep in until 7:30 since she doesn't have to be to school until almost 9 a.m. but doesn't get out until after 4 so it makes for a long day for her and a short evening for me.

The boys started their Mommys Day Out program two weeks ago and they are going twice a week instead of once a week. I haven't been able to enjoy my days out because I've been catching up with all my errands (car repair, hair appts, etc) that I've neglected during the summer.  This week nothing is planned except grocery shopping.

All three boys with their backpacks - took forever for this picture to happen.


The boys teacher is wonderful. She is helping with potty training and even mentioned that Ian can come to class with underwear on Tuesday. Really? I'll pack a few extra pair of pants!
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