Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Tab...New Project

See that tab at the top of the postings?  Yeah the one that says Project 365.  I've been thinking about doing this project for a few years and I just haven't done it; you know I have nothing else to do.  I've finally decided to start the project next year on January 1.  The deal is that I will take a picture every day of the year and post it.  It could be of the kids or something cool that I find that day.
I'm hoping that I can keep up with it after the honeymoon period.  The boys and Lauren are growing so fast that I sometimes feel that I'm missing things and maybe sitting down on New Years 2014 and reviewing the pictures will become a tradition in the Scott household!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas photos

As the boys get older we get out during the holidays more and more. This year we have been busy with all the activities a big city offers around the Christmas season.

This picture was taken with the gingerbread man in McKinney during their Christmas celebration called "A Dickens of a Christmas"

I happened to stop by for some personal items at our local pharmacy chain store...and who do I run into? Our lawn maintenance guy, Jimmy. He was dressed as the Grinch and was offering pictures. I got my picture taken too, but I'm not posting that one! He encouraged me to bring the boys up..almost insisted!

These pictures were taken with "The Big Guy"! He is famous in these parts of the woods.  We travel almost 40 minutes just to see him.  And he is in this cool bookstore and the line is minimal because you can check in online.  Wonderful advances to seeing Santa!!

I soo love this one!  This Santa takes his time with each kid!!

The kids are home for the next two weeks and Travis woke up this morning asking "where we going?" begins. The boys keep asking if it's time to go to Nana's house (for Christmas Eve)'s Halloween replaying over and over. I do so remember the days leading up to Christmas being so slow!

 Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I've been having issues with Blogger with not being able to upload any more pictures without paying for it.  After clicking on one of the blogs on my blog list I see that she is back to posting like I am.

So I'm going to upload a few random pictures to see if this works.

Travis' wish list

Ian's wishlist

Logan's wishlist

Checking out the animals at the petting zoo

My mini me

$50 worth of face painting.  I couldn't say no after hyping it when we saw another kid earlier in the day!

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT.....I'm back without having to upload pics to another site to link back to my blog!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

The Thanksgiving holiday was fun as always. Aunt Brenda came in the weekend before Thanksgiving and we tried to keep the crew busy.

The boys are helping Aunt Brenda and me with the pumpkin and pecan pies! DSC_0019 DSC_0017
Ava and Ian playing in the sand.
Logan earning his keep by taking the recycling out.
Brenda and I made homemade rolls; I might need a bigger bowl next year!
One of the few pictures I got on Thanksgiving Day.

After Aunt Brenda left, I attempted to play Candyland with the boys. There were some good times and some bad's hard when all three want to I kicked all their butts ;-)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

October Happenings

This is going to be the condensed version...It's almost December and I'm still blogging about October.  I need a couple hours extra in each day just to do the extra stuff that I want/need to do....but then again I'd complain that wasn't enough...sigh!

During the month of October we ALWAYS go to our usual pumpkin patch...but not this year.  We had it scheduled with our family but all four kids came down with strep and we had to sit this one out.  No big deal...we will hit it on another day.  Well with soccer games on Saturdays and Lacrosse games on Sunday and the week just totally booked, we never found time to go.  I did take the boy myself to a very small pumpkin patch.

The boys loved the hay maze...the hay was low enough where I could see everything!

This is the "best" one with all three.  It was like pulling teeth to get a  good shot.

Prime example!

Then....the big day..yes, Halloween.  As the boys get older it's a loooooong day for them.  I cannot tell you how many times I heard "it is time to trick or treat yet?"

*********And that is the end of this post...Blogger/Picasa are having issues apparently.  I'm unable to upload any more pictures as it says that my free storage limit has been achieved... although I can only find that I'm using 45% of my allowance.  I've worked on this for the past couple of days so I'm just going to post this now and hopefully come back and finish uploading pics.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Texas State Fair 2012

This is sooooo late but at least it's getting written and posted!

Back in October we took the boys to the Texas State Fair for the first time, for good reason, but Nana and Papa said that they were going to go with us and help us out with the boys.  The day that we chose to go was a school day and Lauren came down with "some illness" so she just had to go to the fair with us instead of going to school ;-)

Everyone sitting and eating a Fletcher's Corndog which is the first thing we did after getting in the gate
And that's how you eat a corndog....with mustard!
The rides weren't open yet so we went and checked out all the animals!
The boys couldn't wait to ride the rides.  They rode a ride like this bear one at a carnival last year and luckily the State Fair has one like it!

The boys rode this ride 3 times!
Lauren wanted to ride the Ferris wheel and Mike took her since I'm afraid of heights.  And at $7 a ride, they rode once!
The view from the top of the wheel

another view from the wheel...looks like the Cotton Bowl
Here is Big Tex...he has been at the fair for 50 years welcoming the visitors at the gate entrance.  And below is Big Tex two days later,  engulfed by flames.  Apparently there was an electric short that started on his arm.   Big Tex will be back next year totally revamped.  Apparently I've been in Texas too long since I was a little sad to see him go up in flames!

The boys had so much fun that Papa wants to start a "State Fair Fund" so the boys will start saving their pennies to go next year!  I think we all had fun watching the amazement on their faces with all the new things that they saw.

Stay tuned folks...there are a few more blog posts to be written and published in the next couple of days!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lauren's new adventure(s)

Lauren has been playing soccer since she was 4 years old.  This year Lauren decided to not play soccer but play a new sport...Lacrosse.  Over the summer we found a local league and had her attend a couple camps.  Once it was time to sign up for the fall league, either soccer or lacrosse, she had a hard time deciding which one to do.  She chose to try Lacrosse.  Her coaches are awesome and very positive (unlike her select soccer coaches).   So far, she's only played a couple of games but she is having fun and that is the most important part for me.

Division I College Coach Lellie  (on the left in pink) and Beth in black (on the right)

Lauren looks so huge compared to the other girl.

And of course, the boys come to the games.  We spend all the time on the playground and Mike and I take turns watching Lauren play.

Now that she is in 7th grade, the school sports have begun.  She tried out for volleyball and scored a spot on the B team.  There are three teams, A B and C.  It has been explained to me that C is for girls that need to work on some skills and A and B teams are evenly matched.  Lauren loves to play volleyball and is really excelling on her school team.  Just last week at a game she scored 15 consecutive points until she got benched to give the other team a chance to come back.  I wasn't at the game that night, but Mike was and gave me a blow by blow account via text messaging.

This is one of her 15 in a row serves
**and as a side note from my last blog post...Soccer with the boys is getting so much better. We had practice last night and we had 2 out of the 3 practice the entire practice; the third did about 30 minutes total but that is still an improvement.  We will see how Saturday's game goes....

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Soccer season won't be over fast enough

We signed the boys up for soccer way back in the summer.  Yeah we had asked if they wanted to play, a couple said yes, one said no. But what do they know right?  We signed em up!  No multiple/sibling discount and 3 sets of shoes and shin guards bought!  Our friends, the Nunn's, wanted their daughter, who is the same age as the boys, to play on the boys team so we got that all set up once Mike volunteered as coach.

Pregame group pic

This is the best picture I could get

Kayla keeping the kids in line while on the sideline

The only picture with all three boys in there

Ian played, but was more interested in charming the crowd

The boys really have no interest in playing soccer. We can get Ian and Travis to do a little practicing, but there is no hope for Logan...he just plain refuses. Game days have gotten a little less stressful for Coach Mike and Asst Coach Lauren.  Luckily we have some cool parents that don't expect a lot out of "4 year old soccer."  The boys enjoyed playing blastball last spring and we will more than likely put them back in that league in the spring. 
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