Wednesday, November 28, 2012

October Happenings

This is going to be the condensed version...It's almost December and I'm still blogging about October.  I need a couple hours extra in each day just to do the extra stuff that I want/need to do....but then again I'd complain that wasn't enough...sigh!

During the month of October we ALWAYS go to our usual pumpkin patch...but not this year.  We had it scheduled with our family but all four kids came down with strep and we had to sit this one out.  No big deal...we will hit it on another day.  Well with soccer games on Saturdays and Lacrosse games on Sunday and the week just totally booked, we never found time to go.  I did take the boy myself to a very small pumpkin patch.

The boys loved the hay maze...the hay was low enough where I could see everything!

This is the "best" one with all three.  It was like pulling teeth to get a  good shot.

Prime example!

Then....the big day..yes, Halloween.  As the boys get older it's a loooooong day for them.  I cannot tell you how many times I heard "it is time to trick or treat yet?"

*********And that is the end of this post...Blogger/Picasa are having issues apparently.  I'm unable to upload any more pictures as it says that my free storage limit has been achieved... although I can only find that I'm using 45% of my allowance.  I've worked on this for the past couple of days so I'm just going to post this now and hopefully come back and finish uploading pics.

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