Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Weekend trip - Fossil Rim

It seems as if we make a trip to Fossil Rim every year, probably because it's so fun. The kids really enjoy it and look forward to feeding the animals, especially the zebras and giraffes. It was a BIG disappointment that we didn't get close to the zebras and giraffes. We were about 10 minutes too early. They were off in the distance and made no effort to come our way until we moved to the next set of animals and there is no turning back. You know what that means right? Another trip this year ;-)

One of the animal keepers was chuckling at seeing the boys hanging out the window.

I tried to be brave and feed the ostrich - but at the last minute I rolled up my window and both Lauren and I were screaming!

Travis driving thru the park

Logan's turn

Ian giving us directions!

Ian had to wait until the very end of the tour to see one of his favorites - a Wildebeast

One of the many Rhinos

I know my entries to this blog are few and far between.  It's been quite the change to the household since the boys are no longer napping.  No longer do I get to pick up the house for the 2nd tornado and dinner is never prepped - and therefore my blogging has suffered since I'm so exhausted after the boys go to bed.  But sport season is coming up and the boys are playing blastball and Lauren has already started Lacrosse.
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