Monday, January 21, 2008


All three boys!! We found out today at our specialist appt. All three boys...99% sure. In order for him to tell me I had to promise not to go out and buy anything just yet.

Mike's reaction was priceless...with his arms up in the air and the words "YEAH" coming out of his mouth. There were other words coming out of my mouth but we won't say what that was. Let's just say Mike and I are pretty even in the language that we've used in the sonogram room when we've been surprised; we are 2 for 2 for surprises in the last month.

We haven't told Lauren yet, so we are a little nervous to see her reaction. She wanted a baby sister so badly. But I'm sure she will be happy with a baby (3 of them) no matter what.

I've posted all of the sonogram pictures on a link to the right of the page (our pictures). If you have trouble accessing it, please let me know.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Larry, Moe and Curley

Here is my first blog entry. I'm starting this in order to keep everyone updated and so that I can post pictures for everyone to see. (I still encourage phone calls though ;-)

As most of you know, we are pregnant with triplets. As of today we are 12 weeks 5 days along.
I have had three sonograms so far and the babes looks all the same size and are healthy. Since this is a high risk pregnancy (triplets plus my age) I must be monitored by a regular OB and then a perinatologist (specialized OB).

In November, we did another round of in-vitro. We kept it a secret from everyone since this was our third try and it didn't work before. We have a set of identical twins and a singleton.

We have another appt with our specialist on Monday, January 21. At this appt he will be doing the first trimester screening for Downs syndrome. He did it at the last appt two weeks ago, but it was a little early. He and his office are the ones that came up with this testing that is done throught the country now - so I figured if he wanted to do it early, by all means. I'm very fortunate to be here in the DFW area with some great drs.

More to come......

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