Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Look who's 4 years old!

Happy Birthday to Ian, Travis and Logan!
(courtesy of Jacqueline - DFW photographer)

We decided to have their birthday party at a park this year instead of the house! We had the usual suspects; Nana, Papa, Aunt Tiff, Uncle Justin, Ava, the Nunn's, and then we had some special guests from out of town, Karola and Greg Kling. Karola was at the hospital when Lauren and even when the boys were born!

 Here's sissy waiting for all the guests to arrive!


The Nunn's (KK, Kenzie, and Jonathan - not sure where Stacy was)

Logan pigging out on chips

Nana and Logan

Travis - apparently too busy to stop for a picture

Logan had a butterfly land on his table and he was fascinated by it.

My friend Karola and I

Just before we lit the candles to sing happy birthday

Opening gifts - Wow a nerf gun...three of them!

 Ian with his bug catcher

Travis with his (red) remote controlled car

Logan with his Bumblebee Transformer

After we got home and after the boys took a nap, we noticed a lot of activity outside the house.  I went outside and this is what I saw.  It's right across the street from us.  Everyone got out safely, including animals.

The boys hanging in the yard with our neighbor

All in all it was a pretty stress free day.  I didn't have to clean the house, but I did have to remember to pack up ALL of the party stuff to take to the park. I don't think I forgot anything ;-)  At this particular park, there were two play areas and a splash pad.  I didn't get any pictures of the kids playing on the equipment and all my kids were dry so I know they didn't visit the splash pad.  It was 96 degrees that day - I know I would have camped out at the splash pad.

Mom and Dad finally decided it was time for a "park" in the backyard.  Papa and Dad worked on hard on it for a couple of days.  I even built the climbing wall and Mike attached it to the structure! Oh I think I helped with the roof too.  The slide is missing since we had two left sides.  The company is sending us the correct part so it should be attached as soon as it gets here!  You would think that it would be quiet and peaceful with the park in the backyard??  Nah - they still fight and argue that someone is not sharing or they need help up or down from the swings/rocket rider.  I'm hopeful that once they master all the swings and such I can sit outside and listen to the giggling and observe some brotherly love.

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