Saturday, January 29, 2011

Our new "toy"

We are having some gorgeous weather here this week and on Wednesday I thought it would be a good idea to take the boys for a short walk, perhaps down 2-3 houses and turn back. Well, Mr. Ian had another idea and he took off running down the sidewalk, while Logan and Travis were walking at a snails pace. They were about 30 yards away from Ian and I had to chose where I was going to go. As Ian was approaching the alleyway I ran for him and caught him and took him back with the other two. What the hell was I thinking when I said to myself "self, let's try this again?" Logan and Travis were a bit faster this time, but so was Ian. I'm sure the neighbors really enjoyed seeing me run my ass off and listen to Ian screaming all the way home!

I knew there had to be a better way. So I started researching shock collars walking ropes. They are about $20. I was sure I could make something similar. I had a great idea of taking a jump rope and putting knots in them for little hands to hold onto. Mike tells me that he has rope in the garage and will make me a walking rope that night after the boys go to bed. My hero!!

We walked around the house with the rope on Thursday and because they did so well with it they all got M&M's.

Now...the test run on Friday afternoon!!! It was 74 degrees yesterday so when Ms. L got home from school I recruited her into helping me take the boys for a walk.

Success!!!! They had to take turns who was going to be the last one and then all had to take turns to lead!! Whatever! It was such a nice walk, a complete 180 from Wednesdays walk.

Keep up the good work boys, we might be taking this to the mall now since you won't ride in your strollers.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kind of boring week

It's been cold here this week and we've pretty much stayed inside. The forecast is low to mid 50's for the next 5-7 days so I'm excited about being able to get outside and play a little bit.

I think the boys have a little bit of cabin fever going on. There is a lot of fighting between these boys. Whatever Ian is playing with is his and whatever his brothers are playing with is his too. I don't know how I'm going to break that boy of stealing his brothers toys. Logan is continuing to come out of his shell. He's using his words a lot more and being more interactive with people other than us. He is also showing his temper; throwing toys or whatever he can find when Ian takes his toys or if I say "no". Travis has kind of switched with Logan. Travis used to be a little more outgoing but he has become quite the loner. He too is showing his temper/frustration with his brothers taking toys and not being able to use his words to get what he needs/wants. My days are breaking up fights, putting boys in timeouts and trying to have some type of structure so we can "all just get along".

Lauren is doing well in school. Report cards came home yesterday and again we have A's and B's. Her 11th birthday is coming up and I need to get on the ball on scheduling some type of party for her.

Mike and I have been discussing that the boys are probably ready to go see a movie in a movie theater (but am I???) Not exactly sure when that will happen but I'm sure there will be a story/post about that one!

I can't really write a post without a picture and this is all I have this week. We were watching a movie in the living room (Toy Story 3 I think) and eating popcorn and lounging!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

First snow of 2011

First off...can I say that I'm keeping with my goal of at least one blog post a week!!! Hooray for me.

Before we get to the snow pics, thought I would share my trio wearing their (ok my) favorite shirts. This is the second set of t-shirts as they grew quickly out of their 2T's. I got these shirts from another triplet mamma and she has her online shop at and you can get them here.

Dallas doesn't get snow very often and when we do there are always snowball fights and snowmen to be built. Here's Lauren thinking she can hit me with a snowball. Unfortunately there isn't a picture of me pelting her with one or perhaps two.

Here's Lauren and Ian. Travis and Logan were asleep while everyone was outside playing!

And I'm sharing this one...cuz it's so darn cute even if 2 out of the 3 have their eyes shut!

Whew...I made my deadline. There you have it friends and neighbors!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

First post of 2011 (1 of 52)

The holidays have come and gone. It was nice to have some of my family here for the holidays. The tree and decorations are put away and we are getting back to our every day lives.

2011 is here! Lauren will be turning 11 next month and the boys will be turning 3 in June....and I'm feeling old.

Before Mike went back to work we took the kids to the Heard Museum. It has several hiking trails that you can use and a small trail to see dinosaurs as well as a small inside area to view bugs, rats, snakes...all those cute little buggers.

The kids really enjoyed the time at the museum, although the T-Rex scared Ian just a bit and he had to be carried away.

Not a bad group picture!

As a side note, I'm going to try to post at least once a week for the entire year.
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