Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Boys - you are 3

The boys are 3 today. We've had a fun few days with Aunt Brenda visiting; we've been busy as we've gone to the zoo, the rodeo and had a great birthday party with family.

This is the latest pic of the boys from one of our favorite photographers, Jackie Reitz.

I'll do a more thorough post of their birthday party but wanted to give the boys a shout out on their day!

We love you bunches boys!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Middle school bound

As I put on my facebook page yesterday, it was official Wednesday night at the awards ceremony but I am just now acknowledging that I have a middle schooler. Where did the time go? I remember dropping her off at kindergarten and I couldn't stay for the Boo Hoo / Hooray coffee time for parents because I was just too distraught; instead I went home and cried most of the day.

A lot of my friends have been emotional this week and especially at graduation a few nights ago...not me. Maybe I was too busy with the daily happenings here and the boys MDO this week, all the errands, oh yeah..and the DMV to get a license renewal, and scheduling babysitters for all the end of year deals.

Then it hit I was walking into the school to witness the 5th graders do their final walk through the school. All the other grades come out of their classes and give the 5th graders a high five as they walk by. I held it together until Lauren and I walked back to the car. I can't believe that she is done with Elementary school. I will miss all the teachers and staff there, but will see them as I take two of the three boys to speech next fall, for a few months anyway. A lot of the staff are facebook friends and that's pretty much how I stay updated on the happenings. And then there is the unfamiliar middle you realize how much I hate unfamiliar things? Luckily Lauren's aunt is one of the counselors at that school so I have someone that will lookout for Lauren so to speak. Oh and yes, the obvious I'm sad that she is growing up (there I said it)

Lauren in kindergarten with Mrs. Klimek

After school let out on the last day of school Lauren spent the afternoon with her friends, which has been a tradition since the first grade. Usually they hang out at a pool and spend the night, but this year the Cordry family had a select few out on their boat and then the overnight festivities began (at the Cordry's house that means sleep).

I even have proof that Lauren was being pulled
behind the boat in a tube!! Way to go girlie!

And 6th grader.......

A/B honor roll

Even Emily, our nanny, came to watch the graduation ceremonies.

Summer is here and we have lots of fun activities planned for Lauren and the boys. Aunt Brenda will be here in about two weeks and then the boys birthday party. June is always quite busy for me, and then July and August is where planning is key to keep Lauren and the boys entertained for the summer!

Before I know it, it will be time for school to start up in the fall!
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