Friday, September 13, 2013

8th grade and Kindergarten x 3

Whew!!  Another school year is upon us.  This time ALL my kids are going to school.  How does that happen?

After many years of thinking we were going to keep the boys in the same kinder class, we decided last fall that we should split them up.  We had a preschool issue that made us make that decision.  So we met with the principal over the summer and we all sat down and discussed our goals and our thoughts of splitting the boys up.  She thought we were very brave and smart to do that.  She recommended putting them in the same class when homework becomes an issue - as you don't want three separate classes doing different homework.  We also discussed personality of each kid so the principal could understand each kid before placing them with a certain teacher.

There were some obstacles we had to figure out when we went to drop off supplies and meet the teacher before school started.  Three boys, three classes...two parents.  So we asked Lauren to help us and she took one Ian to his class and Mike and I each took a boy to their class.  It was about 30 minutes of labeling, reading directions, and picking out a locker.  The Scott triplets are already known in this school since Lauren went and we are good friends with a lot of the staff.
The only picture that was taken at Meet the Teacher...Mr. Logan picking out his seat!

Day 1 of kinder was full of emotions.  I was not upset that my boys were growing up going to kindergarten, I was not excited, I was not sad, I was BUSY.  I had three boys to get up, one girl to get up, four breakfasts to make, four lunches to prepare and three boys to get dressed (Lauren is on her own on that aspect of her morning) and out the door on time.

We had the same dilemma on day one of kinder; so we had Lauren help us and we all split up again taking each boy to their class.  I took Travis and he was fine when I said my goodbye and left him at his desk.  I went to check on Logan and he was a little sad but not crying.  I went to check on Ian and he was doing just fine.  As I was saying bye to Ian, Lauren came up and said that Travis was crying.  So I went back into the room and he was quietly sobbing at his desk.  Yup..the waterworks started on me too!  As I posted on Facebook as my status that morning, how do you give a pep talk when you have tears in your eyes.  That just broke my heart.  But I gave another hug and walked out of the classroom.

Travis (and his friend Kiera from preschool)

Logan not looking real happy

 It was a looooong day for Mom.  I said for a long time that the first day of kinder I was not going to do any work around the house.  I hung out on facebook, Mike and I went to lunch and then I waited patiently for school to be over to pick them up. 
Its is the end of week three of school and we have no problems getting to school, but I do hear some grumbling about going to school "tomorrow".

Lauren is in her final year of middle school and is taking two credits of high school classes; spanish and alegbra.  She also made the 8th grade volleyball team. 

All in all, the school year has started pretty well.  We are busy with both school orientations, mandatory band and sports meetings, and I'm on the boys school PTA board.  You would think I would find time to update this more often....hmmmmm

Ian wanted to sit right there on the curb even tho it was wet!

Logan, Travis, Ian and Lauren

The boys following sissy since she knows where she is going!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Annual Michigan trip

The countdown
Ever since I left Michigan at the ripe old age of 19 I have managed to make it home at least once a year.  There was a couple of years after the boys were born that I didn't make it home but it seems we are back to our once-a-year visits!

Of course we have to hit the Trufant flea market - no trip home would be complete without this (and sweet corn gorging).  No picture there since I was trying very hard to keep the boys focused on walking and not going back to the car.

Luckily I got seated with a tired little boy on the plane!!  BONUS for mom!
One of the many outside dinners we had

My great grandfathers blacksmith shop.  Had no idea it was still standing!

The boys love Uncle Bob's hot tub!

The only pic from the party!  Uncle Jim, Bob, Aunt Joyce and Dad

Helping Aunt Brenda get firewood for the campfire.

Too chilly outside??  No worries, Aunt Brenda can make anything even a tent.

Hanging out on Aunt Brenda's boat.

After the boat, we headed to a farm for a hay ride!

What an awesome trip we had.  There are no pictures from the visit we took to see Aunt Kathy.  If there were you would see a boy or two throwing a fit, a cold dip in the pool, me pushing Keaton in the pool, Keaton then pulling me into the pool and a picture that was left on Kathy's phone that I'm sure she will not soon forget.
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