Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just for fun

It's hard to blog regarding things that we do - we don't do much so if I blogged on doing nothing - you'd be bored!! So I'll just share some recent pictures of the kids for ya.

Perhaps a dentist when he grows up???

Told ya someone is always naked here.

Notice ALL three are standing up next to the tote.

One of the few pictures with me in it.

Here's a video of Travis and Ian batting around a ball. It's hilarious when all three get involved but there is only two in this video - not sure how Logan slept thru this. It's hours of fun (ok about 10 minutes in reality). I didn't have time to edit it, but it's only about 3 minutes. Grab yourself a tasty beverage and enjoy.

We have all three boys crawling all over the place now. I think we will have a walker here very soon as Travis is traveling around the coffee table. Gates are in place, finally. We are fast approaching their first birthday and I'm trying to plan that in my free time which is about 10 minutes a day. Looks like we will have a good amount of the Johnson crew down here at that out folks it may be too much of a good time.

Lauren's soccer and softball practices and games have been canceled for the next week due to the scare of the swine flu. The school has also canceled all extra curricular activities as well thru the 11th of May. I think the media is making way too much of this especially since thousands of people die each year from the regular flu. Not saying that we aren't taking precautions, but we aren't going overboard either.

We finally got three bath seats so we can bathe the boys together. It's still a two person job (a third person makes it even easier) but at least the boys can play together. The bath seats were extremely hard to find. Oh I could find them on ebay but I refused to pay $15 plus shipping (Be quiet Bob ;-). I found one on my mommy forum and then another one on a site similar to craigslist and I didn't pay an arm and a leg. I used to have one for Lauren and I must have given it a way - unlike all the other stuff of hers that I STILL have. I did sell the swing that I had when Lauren was born and she was sad about it..she pouted for an hour. That girl will not give up anything.

Ok, well I could go on and on about basically nothing that is going on here. So I'm going to hit publish so you all can enjoy the recent pictures.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Can you guess what I'm about to post?? I believe that it's happened once A LONG TIME AGO. But last night the boys slept all night long. I kept them up an extra hour playing extra hard and apparently it worked. They went to sleep at 7 p.m. and didn't wake up until a little after 6 a.m.

Mike was a on a business trip this week so it was all me. Ian is now at a point where he wakes up and wants to be held while he sleeps. If you put him down he screams. Which usually isn't a problem but w/o help here I really don't want to handle three babies up in the night, one being hysterical. So for a couple nights I slept from 2-6 a.m. either on the couch or in Mike's recliner with Ian just to get some shut eye.

Mike comes home last night and said that he would get up with the boys and I could sleep all night long. Go figure that the boys would sleep all night. Definitely no payback there.

We had pictures done last Sunday and the photographer has just a sneak peek of them on her blog. You can see them at

I'd post a pic but I'm having trouble with my USB ports on my computer (it's always something isn't it). Hopefully the pics that are Jackie's website will suffice for right now.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Well the Easter Bunny made it to the Scott house.

Someone is always naked around here...

Getting out of the house isn't all that easy anymore. Ian is out of his infant car seat now; so we have two in their carriers and Ian being carried into anyplace we go now. I really don't think he minds being carried ;-)

All three boys are now crawling. Ian is still a bit slow but at least he is able to get where he wants to go; which I'm so glad because he would get frustrated and just whine. I now know what the most annoying sound in the world is!!!

We are totally off of baby food - I feel like I'm always in the kitchen making snacks or meals though. I feel like my Aunt Betty at times. When we would visit, her and mom would always be in the kitchen. It all began with breakfast then clean up and then they would sit down and chat for about an hour and back up they would go to start making lunch.

Travis and Logan apparently are tired of crawling and now are pulling up to everything. Just as I get one stage under control they change it up.

We all went to the Hilton for brunch on Sunday. It went better than I anticipated. We had enough adults for the 4 babies (3 mine - 1 Tiffany's) that were there. I even got to eat!!!

Lauren with her cousin Ava

My Easter cutie (ok just one of four of my cuties)

The Poor Easter Bunny had no idea what he got himself into

Boys will be boys....
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