Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I forgot!!!! Halloween 2012

Looking back over my blog I see that I totally spaced out putting up what we did on Halloween. I also noticed that I was having trouble with blogger so it's not totally my fault ;-)

pumpkin carving
I wore Lauren's costume from last year for a costume party.

The scooby doo gang (well minus Velma)

Scooby doo gang and a referee

Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas 2012

There were many activities this Christmas and since it's now mid January as I'm finishing this post I probably can't remember what we did.  So I will just leave with with a ton of pictures that I already have uploaded!  Man, I really need to get better at this ;-)

Logan and Travis "helping" put out the outside decorations.....notice the shorts???

Travis and Ian putting decorations on the tree.

Logan was asleep and I had to wake him up to decorate the tree.

Lauren and Kayla at the band winter concert
Let the chaos Nana's house on Christmas Eve

The big hit of the night....the castle.

Christmas morning
Logan with his new white puppy!

Lauren was just as busy as we were at opening the plastic from the boys toys.

Hungry, hungry hippos!

AND...we got snow on Christmas Day.
See Travis on the right of the pic...yup he slipped on the ice/snow and landed right on his bum.
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