Sunday, April 13, 2008

Plugging away....25 weeks

I will be 25 wks on Tuesday the 15th - can you believe it?? Found out that triplets are full term as of 37 weeks, so I won't go past the 8th of July. If I can make it to the middle to late part of June, I will say that I've succeeded. The boys probably won't be able to come home until close to their due date (7/8) per the OB that is the rule of thumb. So if anyone is planning on coming down to help.........

My last peri and OB appts went very well. The boys are 1-1/2 lbs each, which is normal for a singleton so I'm hoping they continue to grow (which in turn makes me grow). Things are getting a little more uncomfortable for me, no more sitting in movie theaters and I have about 20 minutes in any one position anymore.

I know I owe you all a belly shot, last one was done at 16 weeks. Let's just say I'm huge. My maternity clothes are getting small and I'm on ebay bidding on L and XL maternity clothes (oh my)!!!

I will be seeing both my drs every two weeks. They had me stagger the appts so I'm seen by one of the drs each week- every Thursday and I'm sure that is the way it's going to go until the end.

I had my shower last weekend and I'll post those pics. It was a lovely shower with games and lots of food and lots of great gifts. I still have a few things that I'll need but it's not too bad anymore. Of course, I could always use diapers and wipes for quite some time.

Lauren went to girl scout camp this weekend without me. Let's just say it was a bit rough for Mom to let her go. I did better than I thought I would and I only thought about having a beer about an hour after she left. She returned in one piece today.

Mike is preparing the boat for putting it up for sale. A minivan is in my future and I need to get rid of this boat so I can afford another vehicle. We haven't used the boat in over two years- so it's time for it to go!! It was sitting out in front of the house and three of our neighbors want the boat, but are paying for college and other things (Oh, I get it - I will be there soon enough eh?) so I don't think we will have a problem selling the boat when it's all cleaned up and ready to go, but I want it gone yesterday.

Check out the new pics and I promise not to be so late in updating the blog. Girl scout cookie season is over, so no more paperwork, etc relating to that anymore.
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