Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Boys

What another amazing year with these boys (and Lauren too of course)!! I cannot believe that it's been 2 years since they were born. We went from eating every three hours to...oh wait, they still eat every three hours!! Last year at this time two out of three of the boys were going to be walking "any day now" to all three running throughout the house (maybe dressed, maybe not) screaming while playing chase.

We have a Wonder Pets themed party planned today. Mike's family will be here and my sister, Brenda flew in last week to be here for the boys party as well as my 40th birthday last week. Uncle Bob, my brother, is flying in this morning to be here just in time for the boys party. We will be missing a couple key family members, but plan on seeing them soon.

I don't have weight/height stats for the boys yet as I have their 2 yr evaluation scheduled next week, but the boys are talking now. Ian, is at the head of the class with his language. He will throw in a "mama, sissy, or dadda" with his gibberish. He can now say cheese, juice, baby, mine, car, "p" for plane, me, and since Aunt Brenda has been here this week, he has learned to say "no". Logan and Travis' language isn't really as clear as Ian's, but they are talking more and more. But even Aunt Brenda said that in the last week that she has been here everyone is talking more (and that includes Lauren).




Happy Birthday boys. Your mamma, daddy, and your sissy love you so very much! Another year is gone, but we have another to year to make memories, have fun, and get into trouble!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day W/end - First vacation

I'm going to play catch up here tonight. Two posts in one evening. UNHEARD OF here in the Scott house!

Two weeks before Memorial Day it was tentatively decided (?) that we were going to go visit Mike's Aunt and Uncle in San Antonio. We got the dog updated with his vaccines and called the trainer for a place for him to stay. It took several discussions between Mike and I to determine what we were going to take for a 2 day trip. I stressed if I was taking too much or not enough.
We did take all three pack n plays and the three table booster seats and a few toys. For Mike, Lauren and I, we packed extremely light. There was plenty of room still in the I can pack a few more things for our trip to Michigan later this summer!!!

Here are the boys checking out the portable entertainment

Hanging out with Brenna:

There's 4 wheeling


and a bounce house all at Uncle Gary's! It's like a mini amusement park. But then again, I brought the mini crowd!

And here is Mr. Daredevil. He was not afraid of anything. He went down this slide three times

Love the close up of his face! I crack up every time I see it. (You can click on the picture to see it close up, Dad)

School is almost over for Lauren - she gets out next week. She will be off for one week before Aunt Brenda visits....whew I only have to entertain her for one week before reinforcements arrive!!

Soccer Tournament

A couple weeks ago Lauren played as a guest player for one of the recreational soccer teams here in the small town that we live in. They played three games on Saturday and won all three. The first game being at 8:00 a.m. in the morning (which is nothing to us..we are up at 6 a.m.) The girls beat a team that is an academy team allowed to play in the rec league. I think is bogus but hey I don't set the rules! This academy team lost their first game in three years - and continued to lose the rest of the day! Our girls were on cloud 9.
On Sunday we had to play the #1 team (we were #2) and we lost, but it was a good experience for our team to get to the finals!

I'm going to give her grief in the morning as she looks like she is afraid of the ball!

The boys enjoyed being at the field early in the morning! Mom liked it since they napped when they returned home! The boys were wearing their "paper, rock, and scissors" shirt..but you can only see Travis'. Next time perhaps.

Mr. Travis

Mr. Logan

Mr. Ham
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