Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day W/end - First vacation

I'm going to play catch up here tonight. Two posts in one evening. UNHEARD OF here in the Scott house!

Two weeks before Memorial Day it was tentatively decided (?) that we were going to go visit Mike's Aunt and Uncle in San Antonio. We got the dog updated with his vaccines and called the trainer for a place for him to stay. It took several discussions between Mike and I to determine what we were going to take for a 2 day trip. I stressed if I was taking too much or not enough.
We did take all three pack n plays and the three table booster seats and a few toys. For Mike, Lauren and I, we packed extremely light. There was plenty of room still in the I can pack a few more things for our trip to Michigan later this summer!!!

Here are the boys checking out the portable entertainment

Hanging out with Brenna:

There's 4 wheeling


and a bounce house all at Uncle Gary's! It's like a mini amusement park. But then again, I brought the mini crowd!

And here is Mr. Daredevil. He was not afraid of anything. He went down this slide three times

Love the close up of his face! I crack up every time I see it. (You can click on the picture to see it close up, Dad)

School is almost over for Lauren - she gets out next week. She will be off for one week before Aunt Brenda visits....whew I only have to entertain her for one week before reinforcements arrive!!

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Crystal said...

So glad the first vacation was a success! Can't wait to hear about the big trip to Michigan!

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