Friday, April 24, 2009


Can you guess what I'm about to post?? I believe that it's happened once A LONG TIME AGO. But last night the boys slept all night long. I kept them up an extra hour playing extra hard and apparently it worked. They went to sleep at 7 p.m. and didn't wake up until a little after 6 a.m.

Mike was a on a business trip this week so it was all me. Ian is now at a point where he wakes up and wants to be held while he sleeps. If you put him down he screams. Which usually isn't a problem but w/o help here I really don't want to handle three babies up in the night, one being hysterical. So for a couple nights I slept from 2-6 a.m. either on the couch or in Mike's recliner with Ian just to get some shut eye.

Mike comes home last night and said that he would get up with the boys and I could sleep all night long. Go figure that the boys would sleep all night. Definitely no payback there.

We had pictures done last Sunday and the photographer has just a sneak peek of them on her blog. You can see them at

I'd post a pic but I'm having trouble with my USB ports on my computer (it's always something isn't it). Hopefully the pics that are Jackie's website will suffice for right now.

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Keeley Boys said...

The pics look awesome. I really need to swing by and say hello, (in my red shirt)! And by the way, I am NOT measuring the belly. :)

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