Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Well the Easter Bunny made it to the Scott house.

Someone is always naked around here...

Getting out of the house isn't all that easy anymore. Ian is out of his infant car seat now; so we have two in their carriers and Ian being carried into anyplace we go now. I really don't think he minds being carried ;-)

All three boys are now crawling. Ian is still a bit slow but at least he is able to get where he wants to go; which I'm so glad because he would get frustrated and just whine. I now know what the most annoying sound in the world is!!!

We are totally off of baby food - I feel like I'm always in the kitchen making snacks or meals though. I feel like my Aunt Betty at times. When we would visit, her and mom would always be in the kitchen. It all began with breakfast then clean up and then they would sit down and chat for about an hour and back up they would go to start making lunch.

Travis and Logan apparently are tired of crawling and now are pulling up to everything. Just as I get one stage under control they change it up.

We all went to the Hilton for brunch on Sunday. It went better than I anticipated. We had enough adults for the 4 babies (3 mine - 1 Tiffany's) that were there. I even got to eat!!!

Lauren with her cousin Ava

My Easter cutie (ok just one of four of my cuties)

The Poor Easter Bunny had no idea what he got himself into

Boys will be boys....

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Crystal said...

Aww, those are great pictures! Looks like such a fun family to be in!

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