Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Annual Michigan trip

The countdown
Ever since I left Michigan at the ripe old age of 19 I have managed to make it home at least once a year.  There was a couple of years after the boys were born that I didn't make it home but it seems we are back to our once-a-year visits!

Of course we have to hit the Trufant flea market - no trip home would be complete without this (and sweet corn gorging).  No picture there since I was trying very hard to keep the boys focused on walking and not going back to the car.

Luckily I got seated with a tired little boy on the plane!!  BONUS for mom!
One of the many outside dinners we had

My great grandfathers blacksmith shop.  Had no idea it was still standing!

The boys love Uncle Bob's hot tub!

The only pic from the party!  Uncle Jim, Bob, Aunt Joyce and Dad

Helping Aunt Brenda get firewood for the campfire.

Too chilly outside??  No worries, Aunt Brenda can make anything even a tent.

Hanging out on Aunt Brenda's boat.

After the boat, we headed to a farm for a hay ride!

What an awesome trip we had.  There are no pictures from the visit we took to see Aunt Kathy.  If there were you would see a boy or two throwing a fit, a cold dip in the pool, me pushing Keaton in the pool, Keaton then pulling me into the pool and a picture that was left on Kathy's phone that I'm sure she will not soon forget.

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