Saturday, January 29, 2011

Our new "toy"

We are having some gorgeous weather here this week and on Wednesday I thought it would be a good idea to take the boys for a short walk, perhaps down 2-3 houses and turn back. Well, Mr. Ian had another idea and he took off running down the sidewalk, while Logan and Travis were walking at a snails pace. They were about 30 yards away from Ian and I had to chose where I was going to go. As Ian was approaching the alleyway I ran for him and caught him and took him back with the other two. What the hell was I thinking when I said to myself "self, let's try this again?" Logan and Travis were a bit faster this time, but so was Ian. I'm sure the neighbors really enjoyed seeing me run my ass off and listen to Ian screaming all the way home!

I knew there had to be a better way. So I started researching shock collars walking ropes. They are about $20. I was sure I could make something similar. I had a great idea of taking a jump rope and putting knots in them for little hands to hold onto. Mike tells me that he has rope in the garage and will make me a walking rope that night after the boys go to bed. My hero!!

We walked around the house with the rope on Thursday and because they did so well with it they all got M&M's.

Now...the test run on Friday afternoon!!! It was 74 degrees yesterday so when Ms. L got home from school I recruited her into helping me take the boys for a walk.

Success!!!! They had to take turns who was going to be the last one and then all had to take turns to lead!! Whatever! It was such a nice walk, a complete 180 from Wednesdays walk.

Keep up the good work boys, we might be taking this to the mall now since you won't ride in your strollers.


Crystal said...

Love it!

Jill and Mike said...

I'll have Mike make you one if ya need it Crystal!

Ang said...

I'm so impressed! I hadn't thought of the walking rope. We have the backpack leashes and they work pretty well. I still have one who likes to throw herself on the ground though!

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