Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ice daze

This week has been one of the weirdest ones since I've lived in Texas. Early Tuesday morning it began to sleet and continued to sleet apparently for many hours. When the boys woke us up at about 6 a.m., everything was covered in a couple of inches of ice.

This is our alley. I couldn't get out of the door to take a picture of the road (ok I could have, but remember is was really cold).

As expected there was no school for Lauren on Tuesday. There was no playing outside as it was too cold; about low 20's. (Now remember my last post where we were wearing yeah that was how the weekend was).
Wednesday wasn't any better and again no school. Thursday was a little different, again no school, but the forecast was snow. And they were right...ok they were right about snow. They predicted 1-3 inches....we got about 4-5 inches ON TOP OF THE 2 INCHES OF ICE! Dallas is not equipped for this type of weather and we are hosting the Superbowl this weekend but that is a whole different story. At this point we have not hit above 30 degrees since Monday evening and I'm thankful that I have two fully stocked fridges/freezers.

So what do we do to keep ourselves busy while stuck inside for 4 DAYS???!!
We have our first hot chocolate!

We take pictures of the snow.

We play Cowboys!

We put laundry bags on our heads and run around the house!

We play with Sissy!

We play with playdough!

Lauren told me about this "big hill" they were going to slide down! Gotta love my little city girl!

And lastly, we have a sleepover with our very bestest friend and play games!

Today was in the high 40's. Most of the snow and ice are gone and we made out way out of the house and to the mall...with everyone else! I would love to say that this weather is coming to an end, but as Lauren's teacher has pointed out to me this afternoon, we are expected to get more snow tomorrow and again on Wednesday (100% coverage). Snow I can somewhat handle, ice I cannot!
And I'm sure you're noticing that there are no pictures of the boys outside. Yes, I kept my boys inside and out of the freezing temps this go around. They refuse to keep their mittens on and even if their hands are cold and wet, they continue to play and will kick and scream to stay outside! I have learned to just "not go there"! Now if it snows this week I may have to bundle them up.....maybe!


Crystal said...

How fun! Bet you can't wait to get back to "normal" :)

LeeAnn said...

Whew, I'm wore out just thinking about the work it took to keep your 3 little guys busy! What a fun couple of days. How does Lauren feel about the possibility of snow days this week? Is she over them yet?

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