Saturday, February 12, 2011

My sweet Valentines

Here is another week where I'm down to the wire on my weekly post. It's been a rough week. Mike was on a business trip in San Antonio and while I wasn't feeling my best when he left, I got much worse. I encouraged him to stay and finish his trip, but he insisted on coming home a day early. I'm so glad he did. I was pretty much incapacitated by Wednesday evening. Today, I'm not 100% but am pretty dang close as I baked a cookie cake and wrapped up three racks of ribs for marinating.

On Friday, Ms. Lauren turned 11. She is an amazing young lady. Mike has been doing everything this week and got to spend a little more time with Lauren. It's been good for both of them.

A couple weeks ago we had the kids pictures done by Jennifer Mazy. Of course, there is usually one boy that is not wanting his picture taken and this time it was Travis, he has only one individual picture and he isn't even looking at the camera. But we got some pretty cute group shots.

Logan, Travis and Ian

Until next week...

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