Thursday, November 15, 2012

Texas State Fair 2012

This is sooooo late but at least it's getting written and posted!

Back in October we took the boys to the Texas State Fair for the first time, for good reason, but Nana and Papa said that they were going to go with us and help us out with the boys.  The day that we chose to go was a school day and Lauren came down with "some illness" so she just had to go to the fair with us instead of going to school ;-)

Everyone sitting and eating a Fletcher's Corndog which is the first thing we did after getting in the gate
And that's how you eat a corndog....with mustard!
The rides weren't open yet so we went and checked out all the animals!
The boys couldn't wait to ride the rides.  They rode a ride like this bear one at a carnival last year and luckily the State Fair has one like it!

The boys rode this ride 3 times!
Lauren wanted to ride the Ferris wheel and Mike took her since I'm afraid of heights.  And at $7 a ride, they rode once!
The view from the top of the wheel

another view from the wheel...looks like the Cotton Bowl
Here is Big Tex...he has been at the fair for 50 years welcoming the visitors at the gate entrance.  And below is Big Tex two days later,  engulfed by flames.  Apparently there was an electric short that started on his arm.   Big Tex will be back next year totally revamped.  Apparently I've been in Texas too long since I was a little sad to see him go up in flames!

The boys had so much fun that Papa wants to start a "State Fair Fund" so the boys will start saving their pennies to go next year!  I think we all had fun watching the amazement on their faces with all the new things that they saw.

Stay tuned folks...there are a few more blog posts to be written and published in the next couple of days!

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