Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas photos

As the boys get older we get out during the holidays more and more. This year we have been busy with all the activities a big city offers around the Christmas season.

This picture was taken with the gingerbread man in McKinney during their Christmas celebration called "A Dickens of a Christmas"

I happened to stop by for some personal items at our local pharmacy chain store...and who do I run into? Our lawn maintenance guy, Jimmy. He was dressed as the Grinch and was offering pictures. I got my picture taken too, but I'm not posting that one! He encouraged me to bring the boys up..almost insisted!

These pictures were taken with "The Big Guy"! He is famous in these parts of the woods.  We travel almost 40 minutes just to see him.  And he is in this cool bookstore and the line is minimal because you can check in online.  Wonderful advances to seeing Santa!!

I soo love this one!  This Santa takes his time with each kid!!

The kids are home for the next two weeks and Travis woke up this morning asking "where we going?" begins. The boys keep asking if it's time to go to Nana's house (for Christmas Eve)'s Halloween replaying over and over. I do so remember the days leading up to Christmas being so slow!

 Merry Christmas!

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Crystal said...

So cute! I love the one of all boys facing Santa, too!

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