Sunday, February 7, 2010

Double Digits for Ms. L

Lauren is going to be turning double digits in less than a week. Previous years parties included an ice skating party, dinner with family at Kobe Steak House AND a party with all of her friends (I just can't recall where), a gymnastics party, roller skating party and there are others that I just can't recall right now.

BUT...this year we offered an idea; she could invite two of her friends to Medieval Times and she jumped on that idea. She has been seeing commercials about Medieval Times for months now and luckily Mom pays attention when she wants to!! Now the hardest part was picking only two of her friends. She wanted three and couldn't decide who to cut. After calling and finagling a way to use two discounts at the same time, it was only an additional $20 to bring another friend. Lauren wins again.

We had some scheduling difficulties since the date we wanted to go was a blackout show and they wouldn't allow any type of coupons. When the tickets are over $50 for adults and over $30 for kids...we are using coupons and however many coupons that I can talk the salesperson into giving me. We just had to adjust one week prior to her birthday - not a big deal!!

So we went last night for the 8 p.m. show. I also paid a little bit more for Lauren to be "knighted" and to have her name read during the show since it was such a special evening. You know you only turn 10 once! and 21 once, and 30 once...hmmmm

"Are we there yet?" is what we heard about 10 minutes after we left the house and it continued until we were about 30 seconds away from our destination!! The suspense was killing them. We bought souveniers for all the girls and Lauren got a special birthday hat that I'm sure she will wear again (smirk).

Almost all of the girls fell in love with the tomato bisque. As Lauren said, "I licked the bowl clean, Mom." She is my girl. I didn't tell anyone that it's just glorified tomato soup, and can you guess what we will be having this week for dinner? We will see if it's any better here at the house. Everyone was pleased with their food and seemed to love the show.

We were seated in the black and white section and we had to cheer for our knight, which won the tournament by the way.

And on the way out of Medieval Times, they had a dance floor and people were dancing to the Electric Slide (I think that's what it's called)...that was all she wrote. I was holding everyone's paper hat, sword, picture, and coats all the while watching three girls (Ms. Chrissie stayed back with me) dancing out on the dance floor!!

All in all, I believe that a good time was had by all!! Hopefully it's another birthday party that will be remembered by Lauren and her special friends that were able to come celebrate with us!

Krissie, Makayla, Ms. L, Macey

Happy Birthday baby girl. I cannot believe that you're almost 10. We have one more party with the family to go and it will be official!

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