Monday, January 18, 2010

18 month stats and some cool pics

Earlier this month the boys had their 18-month visit. All is well. Everyone is still on their growth curve - smaller than average, but healthy.

height - 33" (70% percentile)
weight - 25.8 (40% percentile)

Logan and Travis:
height - 32" (50% percentile)
weight - 21.15 (5% percentile)

Now onto pictures. They weather here has been wonderful for the past few days. Like someone said, "we deserve this weather since we had to deal with the frigid cold for the past two weeks!" I believe that we are going to be in the low 70's by Friday. I don't kid myself, this weather is not here to stay YET anyway. January and February is always up and down on temperatures. We have a nice warm front followed by a cold/cool front. But I'll take advantage of this weather to get these kids out of the house all this week.


Logan and Ian


I hired a nanny, her name is Emily and she is wonderful. She has worked with multiples for a very long time and came highly recommended by several families. It's so nice having an extra hand one more day a week. I'm sure that we will be going to new places and posting pics of those activities soon.

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Crystal said...

Sounds like everyone is doing well! Very nice that you have a nanny one day a week - I can't wait to see pics of any adventures you guys may have!

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