Thursday, October 29, 2009

Softball MVP

This softball/soccer season has been a funky one.  There has been rainout after rainout. Luckily we have played all of our soccer games, but it looks like we are going to have softball games that cannot be rescheduled as there are not enough days in October to makeup 4 games.

I have gotten a bit smarter (I know, it's almost impossible ;-) in that I have gotten a babysitter for the boys for the past couple weekends in order for me to watch Lauren's games w/o chasing after the boys.  I'm hooked...I love having that time to watch Lauren and to catch up with the news with the other parents!

Lauren made MVP again for her softball team.  It was during a game that they lost, but she hustled for the ball and got a couple hits at bat.   She received the game ball as MVP.  She was first a little upset that it was dirty, but then quickly figured out that was the best part of the ball itself.

Halloween is right around the corner.....the boys tried on their costumes yesterday and it seemed as if they enjoyed wearing them.


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