Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas - 2009

Things are quite busy around here as it always is. I have been thinking how I wanted to do this post - and I'm still coming up empty. So it's going to be a little bit of everything...

The Scott kiddos with Santa (poor Travis - one of these days he will smile in a picture)

Yesterday, 12/23/09, it got to a high of 76 degrees. Mike always says that he is able to wear shorts within one week of Christmas - and it happened again this year. Although we don't have pictures of him in shorts..there is one of me with my pasty white legs. The boys enjoyed being outside playing and going for a short walk.

Airplane!!! Ian can spot those planes in the sky.

Ian and Travis

Ok - so you saw us in shorts and tshirts yesterday. You might be asking yourself what is the weather like today? It's now 39 degrees, forecasted snow flurries by noon and then it turns to rain in the afternoon with a high of 41 degrees!

Gotta add a recent picture of Lauren. She was tickled about something as we were bathing the boys!

The tree is up and the presents are under the tree. We did manage to put lights up outside this year, nothing too major, but something to where we are participating. Notice the fence around the hutch, the tree, and the computer?? I think I might hold the World's record on the longest fence INSIDE!! The perimeter has been breached twice by whom? IAN. He made his way to the tree..he was caught before any damage could be done, but boy is that kid quick!

Merry Christmas everyone!! Everyone stay safe, warm, and enjoy this holiday season!!

Hugs and kisses to my family. I miss you all very very much!

The Scott Family

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Jennifer said...

Great picture of all the kids w/ Santa. Atleast 3/4 of your children could tolerate Santa (I was 0/3). Merry Christmas!!!
P.S. I want to move where you live, being in the 70s in December. Just a reminder that CHicago weather stinks!!!

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