Saturday, December 31, 2011

Holiday Happenings 2011

Whew - the holidays were so much more relaxing when I was a kid.  Sleeping in, watching tv, eating, and napping...those were the days (that I don't get anymore).

Christmas 2011 is gone but not the memories.  Dad and Bev came and visited us this Christmas - again it was so nice to have some of my family here with us.

Christmas Eve we went to Mike's Mom's house and had a Mexican feast (although at that point a siesta would have been just fine with me).  We ate enchiladas, pico, salsa, tamales, rice, and beans.  Everyone brought a little something so Pam didn't have to do it all herself this year!  I stayed up all night making the tamales ;-)
All the cousins
 Logan and Travis opening gifts
Ian opening his gift with Aunt Jessie helping.
Lauren loving her new Vans
Ian getting crazy with the wrapping paper!
All the kids in their pj's ready to decorate cookies for Santa

Getting the cookies ready for Santa

Let the chaos begin
Lauren with her ring Aunt Brenda made her.
Travis (I think he has pants on here)

Mamma helping the boys (Ian and Travis) put their track together that Bev and Papa gave them.

Logan wasn't feeling well again but he participated as much as he could.

Dad and Bev ;-)

Ian with his Mater sucker/teeth.

Travis and Logan playing at the table.

Papa and Bev teaching Lauren to play poker. She recd the poker set as a White Elephant gift.

Look at that smile on Travis

Mike and Jessie just hanging out.

Ok folks I did it.  The last day of the year and I updated the blog.  It's been a nice few days here and I have pics of us (not me) in shorts, but that is another blog post.  2011 has been great for us and cannot wait to see what 2012 has for us.  Till next year ;-)

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