Saturday, December 3, 2011

Aunt Brenda's annual Thanksgiving visit 2011

As usual my sister, Brenda, came to visit during the Thanksgiving holiday.  We host Thanksgiving dinner at our house, but other family members bring dishes to make it complete.  I'm not sure what I would do without Brenda making the gravy each year as well as the cranberry sauce...Ok I do know what I would do and it would include using canned products!
Once November 1st hits both Lauren and I are counting down the days before Brenda arrives.  And the visit is usually over way before we are all ready for it to be.

Aunt Brenda and Ian painting faces BEFORE professional pics.  I wasn't too worried....heck it's not my face!
 Lauren and her cousin Brenna
 Travis and Ian - not sure what's going on here.  We might need to ask Aunt Brenda
 This is a picture that Lauren took of Travis...I think it's too cute.
 Ian playing on Daddy's Ipad and Brenna on her Iphone!
 We had a sick baby on Thanksgiving. Logan had an ear infection and was not himself that day.

 Loving the look Mr. Logan.
 I think this was taken the day Thanksgiving.  Brenda and Lauren were making raviolis...I jumped in only for the picture ;-)
 And that concludes my post about the happenings in November.   I believe the Christmas tree will be going up tomorrow and there will be lots of help.  We have a band concert, choir concert and the boys Christmas program at their MDO within the next two weeks.  I will have some blogging material ;-)

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Crystal said...

*Love* the pictures! So glad y'all had a nice Thanksgiving - can't wait to see more holiday happenings! :)

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