Wednesday, August 31, 2011

3 Big boy beds

I always said that I would keep the boys in their cribs until they started crawling out.  Well that day happened in the middle of July.  Ian is the one that would scale his crib and snuggle with us in our bed; you really didn't think it was Logan or Travis did you?  I've had three toddler beds in the upstairs "storage" room for the past 6 months dreading waiting for the day to transition the boys to toddler beds.

The boys loved their beds....loved them so much that sleep was not what they had in mind.  That was Sunday night....Mike left for an almost week long trip to Ottawa on Tuesday morning.  Let's say that we probably should have left them in their cribs just a week or two longer.  It was a rough two weeks...without Mike helping with bedtime.  The boys didn't want to nap in their beds so Mike suggested that I put their nap mats in the living room during nap time and make the room dark - and it worked.  Mom was able to get a couple of hours back during the day to spend with Lauren or to prepare dinner.  Bedtime was still rough and at times it still is.

The boys were in their new beds for about a month before I sold the last crib and dresser. So once the dresser was sold....we high tailed it to Ikea to pick up a new somewhat matching dresser for large amount of clothes that these boys have.  I have pics of Mike putting it together and having lots and lots of help but I can't find them right now. 

These two pictures show what the room looks like today....still.  I have ideas and am following through in decorating their room.  It entails a couple movie posters, vinyl names for the wall, subway art, and some canvas prints.  Hopefully it will all come together very soon.  When it happens..there will be a blog post about it.

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Crystal said...

I can't wait to see the room!! Bet it's going to look awesome! I'm still putting off the big boy bed transition. It scares me. lol

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