Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weekend of Soccer and Pumpkin Patch

Lauren had a regularly scheduled soccer game on Saturday and a makeup one on Sunday. Whew...it's been a few months since we had a whole weekend of soccer! Her team shut out both teams. On Saturday they won 10-0 and Sunday 8-0. Her team is currently in 1st place. Lauren HATES to run (just like her mother), but her coaches have clearly got a hold of what these girls need to be able to play in this league.

It was such a nice day/weekend and the games were played at the right time so we brought the boys.

Logan and Travis playing in D.I.R.T.

Ian..he loved these bushes. He and the other kids were constantly in and out of them.

On Monday, Emily and I took the boys to one of the many pumpkin patches here in the metroplex. They..ok we all had a great time.

Ms. Emily is such a wonderful help in and out of the house!!

Poor goats! Logan was feeding them ONE piece at a time, while the other boys just threw the feed by handfuls to the goats.

Their very first hayride!! They liked it so much we had to ride it twice! We will be visiting another pumpkin patch in the next couple weeks with their cousin Ava!

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Jennifer said...

Looks like a fun weekend! Have fun at pumpkin patch #2!

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