Sunday, October 24, 2010

THE pumpkin patch with cousin Ava

We finally made it to THE pumpkin patch (In my opinion) yesterday. The weather looked very iffy and both Tiffany and I decided to go for it and hope we could get our fun in before the bad weather came.

We arrived very early...ok not as early at Tiff, Justin, Ava and Papaw did. They got there right at 9 a.m., we followed a short time later. We have come to this pumpkin patch since Lauren was 2. There is always a fun time to be had...and Fletchers Corn Dogs too!

Here's Logan getting a pumpkin painted on his hand.

Here's Ava, Ian,Logan, and Travis after getting their hands/faces painted.

Here are the boys checking out a large tortoise in the dog house.

Lauren helping out with a run a way (yup...Ian you guessed it)

There's my Lauren!

Travis in the patch

Logan in the patch

Logan and Travis shopping for a pumpkin

Ian just can't decide.....

I'm sure this will be the scene in about 14 years!

After the pumpkin patch we went out to lunch...yeah there are no pictures from that place. It's all we can do to keep up with feeding these boys and no extra time/energy for pics! Perhaps next time.


Crystal said...

Looks like fun!

Helen said...

Your boys are so adorable!

Stopping by from Multiples and More :)

Eileen said...

You have a beautiful family! Visiting from Multiples and More!

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