Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Another Halloween has come and gone. I can say this year was probably the easiest with the boys and I think Ian "got" it this year. He was going up to houses without his bag...all he needed is his hands and that cute little smile.

We had a crew with us tonight, there were 21 of us; but only 8 kids. Of course, I never to get to take pictures on occasions like this, but we got a few and I think our neighbor got better ones earlier in the evening so I'm going to check with her very soon.

The boys and Lauren made a haul of candy AND we didn't have many trick or treaters after we returned so we still have half of the candy that I bought.

An attempt at a group shot!




Lauren before she had her hat on...but I'll find a picture and post later.

The boys in action (they really didn't appreciate the costume on this nice lady)

Ian as Cat in the Hat but without the hat with naked barbies

I worked on the boys' hair all day today. I didn't want to buy any special "mega hold" type gel just for today. All I did was start putting gel in their hair this morning and when they woke up from their nap this afternoon, I just continued to spike their hair every few hours. It worked....My plans never seem to work so I'm surprised!

We redecorated Lauren's bedroom over the weekend...stay tuned for pictures of that!

Happy Halloween!


Crystal said...

Looks like fun! Everyone looks great! Sounds like y'all have some fun halloween traditions. :)

Jennifer said...

So fun! My boys "got it" too, running from house to house, yelling "more candy, more candy". As you know, a very fun age!!! I love your triplet's costumes this year... So much so I'll be stealing the idea next Halloween :-). And Lauren... scary!

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