Monday, July 12, 2010 for me!

I know I hinted on the last post that there were two parties on the boys birthday, and I'm so late in getting this posted. It's the same old story. I have plans to update on a certain night, but either I'm too tired, or someone loses their mind and the schedule is screwed up.

The second party was my party. Mr. Scott was a total sweetheart and threw me a surprise party. Looking back there were clues all over the place, I just didn't put two and two together. Let's see what were they:
1. Dad called and said he wasn't going to make it for the boys birthday, he had to take Bev to her sons place in Virginia because of some issues, but upon further questioning he couldn't give me specifics as to why they had to go to Virginia (and he told me the whole time he wasn't coming down)
2. A week before the party, my brother says he's coming down for the party, but my sister, Brenda, had no idea he was flying down (she is the planner of family functions).
3. In May, one of my friends and I were talking at a girl scout function and we were talking about turning 40, and she said to me "your birthday is June xx right?" (I don't advertise my birthday and only a couple of my friends know when my birthday is - it's not even posted on Facebook)
4. If I had looked at the latest Costco receipt, I would have been tipped off at the amount spent.
5. I was highly encouraged to go out for drinks with friend from friend #3 and my sister after the boys party even though my Dad and brother were there only for a couple of days.

Even Lauren kept it a secret!! This girl couldn't keep a secret about anything a few years ago (I'm gonna be in trouble when she become a teenager, aren't I?)

Brenda and Robin (partners in crime)

Me, Beverly, and Brenda

*** SURPRISE ***

Even my favorite local band, RETROPLEX, was there!

My favorite picture of my brother Bob and I

Lounging, drinking, and listening to the band

Uh oh, who called the Po Po?

Big thanks to my wonderful husband for pulling this party off. And another thanks to "Al" for making the trek down here to celebrating 2 birthdays in one day!


Jennifer said...

What a nice thing for youor hubby and family to do. Happy Birthday! Glad it was a special one!

Crystal said...

That is so cool! So glad you had a great birthday - you deserve it! :)

Andrea said...

Hi there, I am stopping by from mutiples and more! This is my first time to visit your blog, but Look forward on catching up. I hope you don't mind. Your kids are adorable.

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