Monday, August 9, 2010

July Photosession - 2 yr pics

Wow - yet another award for bad blogger. I think I might just come up with my own blogging assignment; instead of 365 days of blogging I'm going to make a goal of blogging each remaining day in August. I'm so an underachiever!! Any takers how long this will last?? I didn't think so.

We are back from vacation. I had a wonderful time in Michigan visiting my family. Pictures will be posted once I upload them and organize them...and hey since I'm going to be blogging each day for the rest of August, it will give me something to talk about!!

Before we left for our vacation we had the kids pictures done with one of our favorite photographers Jackie @

Logan (who was not thrilled in the beginning)



My big girl

Our recent family pic!

Til tomorrow...(grin)

1 comment:

Crystal said...

Love those pictures!! They are all awesome! Lauren looks so grown up - her outfit is so cute. And, that is just a fantastic family pic! Thanks for sharing. :)

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