Saturday, July 3, 2010

The boys party

Come to find out that there were two parties planned for (last) Saturday...I just didn't know it.

First was the boys party (the other party will be another blog post). Our first surprise for the day was my Dad and Bev showing up. It seems everyone else but me knew they were showing up.

Not sure what they are discussing, just glad I'm not in on the looks serious!

The theme for the day was Wonder Pets. My goodness...we (they) love Wonder Pets. It was so hard to keep them away from this cake! What was even harder was driving 30 minutes with this in the back of the van...I almost stopped twice for a bite of cake!

The boys patiently waiting for cake

The aftermath (which wasn't as bad as last year)

Ian realizing that the truck made noise!! OH JOY

Logan being the serious one.

Travis checking out what he's going to steal from Ian.

What a great day for a party, or two! It was so nice to have some family surprise me for the weekend (My Dad, his girlfriend, and my brother Bob).'s just hitting me that my boys are 2 now. No longer babies, but little boys. But every mother out there knows that they will always be my little men ;-)


Pyjammy Pam said...

adorable! oh, and cute shirts too. :D

happy birthday to your boys!

Jill and Mike said...

Thanks Pam for the shirts!!

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