Friday, September 11, 2009

Catching up...

This is going to be one big post with all the pictures that I wanted to share. I really should remember that the beginning of each school year is so busy. Lauren is bringing home papers that need to be filled out (and I'm sure I've filled these things out before). Practices for sports are now in full force and schedules are beginning to flow in.

The boys started their Mother Day Out program and they seemed to love it. It was nice to be able to go shopping and do some of the things that I've been wanting to do for quite some time. Ok - it does include Target but come on everyone loves Target!

Mike has been really busy with his new job, but he really loves it. He is in front of the customer where I think he belongs.

All three of the boys are walking now and walking quite well. Ian has a habit of taking the other boys' toys and once he gets the toy and makes the other boy cry, he discards the toy. I've got my hands full with that boy.

Since we have walking pretty much down pat, we are moving on to talking. Lots of babbling going on. Ian can say uh'oh, ball, bye bye. Travis can say ball and Logan, well, he's waiting to come up with something original.

Ian has a mouth full of teeth and I noticed today that Logan is getting his molars as well. We've been sick all week. The boys have a runny nose and cough, Lauren has her usual asthma symptoms and I have a sore throat (hopefully mine won't go much further than this). Mike is the only one that is feeling well.

Here's a recap of our summer. Next year we promised Lauren that we will go on vacation. The boys will be a bit bigger and hopefully easier to handle (with a leash).

Here we are in the pool that Nana bought the boys. We also went to the pool this year in our community, but with two adults and 4 kids, the camera was something we didn't pack.

We went to the Fort Worth Zoo a few weeks ago. The boys couldn't care less about it, but it got us all out of the house and Lauren seemed to really enjoy herself on "her last day" before school started back up.

Not alot of pictures of the animals, I was too busy watching the boys.

Nana hates our living room coffee table because the top is glass and the boys like to bang on it and sometimes lay on it as seen here.

So we replaced it with an older one that we had upstairs......see much better!!??

Oh, and the kicker here....

Here they are in their room - redecorating apparently.



Trav man

Oh - just found out last night that Lauren tried out for Choir at school - and she made it. Now we have "one more thing" do to during the week. She was really wanting to make it. I guess I can take singing....I have a couple more years before she has to learn an instrument. ;-)


Jennifer said...

Cute pictures! I think I need to replace some of my tables as well. They are not only fun to climb on, but they make great drums as well... ugh!

Crystal said...

I LOVE all of the pics! I know you're house has got to just be so busy all of the time - I'm glad you're getting some respite with the MDO.
Regarding tables - we just got rid of our coffee able - it only served as a diving board onto the couch.
Boys are something else, aren't they??

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