Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What is that you're eating?

FINALLY, I'm updating the blog. It's been crazy here, getting ready for school, Mother's Day Out program, getting clothes ready to consign, etc.

It's been about two weeks ago when I was on the phone with my sister, Brenda. You know the one that ate Bruno's glucosamine tablet???? (Brenda is going to have to do a guest blogger entry on that story - it's so much better when it's told in the 1st person!)
Where was I? Sorry I digress....On the phone with Brenda in the front of the house. I remember seeing three shorties plus Lauren with me. Apparently at some time, Ian got away from me. Go figure, I'm on the phone trying to have an adult conversation!!
I finish my discussion, say my good-bye to Brenda. I go down the hallway towards the living room and as I look to the left where my bedroom is, I see Ian crawling out of my room with something in his hand and I'm immediately horrified because I know what that brown object is. A CAT TURD!! He had it squished in his left hand, which was on me after I picked him up (EWWW). He immediately was place in the sink for a quick bath and that is when I realized that he had a nice smear of cat shit from his mouth to his ear!!
Mike totally missed him going into our room. Mike was is his Lazyboy reading a book!! Needless to say, we are very adamant about putting up the gate to our room once we get up for the day. The poor cat is getting a workout jumping over that gate, but, like me, he can use the exercise.

Ian is now walking all over the place. He just started walking one day. I guess he got tired of crawling everywhere while his brothers walked. Travis and Logan have been walking for a few weeks now and are pretty good as long as Ian doesn't lose control and fall in front of them.

The house has become quite noisy with all the jabbering too!! The two little boys (Trav and Logan) will sit and "talk" to each other and then just laugh hysterically. Guess there is a special bond between those identical babes. I'm hoping Ian won't be left out - if he is I'm sure he will bully his way into the circle.

I'm being summoned from the big shorty. Hopefully her being bored, will come to a screeching halt when school starts ;-)

I haven't uploaded recent pics - so I'll just share the recent picture of the kids.


TripMomma said...

Kitty roca MMmmm LOL When DH asks me for the umpteenth time to take down our super play yards that keep our trio corraled I will read him this :)

Candace Hickey said...

Jill....they are getting so big! You are in store for many great adventures from years 1 -2!!

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