Saturday, February 14, 2015

Thanksgiving 2014

This year was somewhat different than past Thanksgivings. This time we had Aunt Jessica come visit from Cali and of course, Aunt Brenda came to visit. But you will see that we had a special guest show up a couple days before Thanksgiving.

The Aunts being brave and playing cards with the boys!

SURPRISE!!  Uncle Bob showed up this year!

Don't be alarmed..Lauren's mimosa was without alcohol

I'm not even sure how to caption this picture ;-) But I love it.

The cousins eating out on the patio!

While Mike took Lauren to a mandatory volleyball meeting, I talked Bob into "helping" me put up some Christmas lights.

Of course, Ian wants to help Uncle Bob with anything.  Bob said he has never put up Christmas lights in 70 degree weather!

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