Monday, November 10, 2014

Another 5

Another 5 months flew by without an update here on the blog.  I seem to post our happenings on Facebook more than I do here, but I'll try to recap summer, the boys birthday,start of first grade and high school, HS volleyball, Homecoming, and Halloween.  See we have been busy ;-)

Bev and Dad made it down for the boys birthday!

Grandpa and Travis playing

The waterslide was a hit.

The boys at the Children's Museum in GR on our home trip

Last picture before headed to the airport
(it was caption earlier that it was the Johnson/Scott crew - but I'm missing Katie AND Bob. We are going to be better about getting the whole Johnson crew in pictures from now on;
less talking and more picture taking ;-)

Hanging out on our neighbors boat during the summer.

Camper of the week on the very first day!
First day of 1st grade and 9th grade!

Freshman "A" team starting player!

My pretty girl; her first Homecoming dance
We lost our 20 yr old kitty, Mageera, just a few days before Halloween.

Superheroes and a Villain
With the holidays upon us, I'll try to update more often, but that's what I said 5 months ago.

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skyt874 said...

Those are some cute kids. They look like their having a blast.

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