Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Vacation Part II (Disneyworld)

After getting off the cruise we headed to our hotel via a 10 passenger van. We were 5 minutes away from getting to the hotel and I hear from the back seat, "I'm going to puke" and if I've learned anything in these last 5 1/2 years it's when Logan says he's going to puke he is going to puke! I had nothing to catch it, the first wave hit him and the floor and then I grabbed the industrial sized trash bags that held the car seats and gave it to him. The poor lady that was driving just took it all in stride and I'm waiting to see the cleaning bill on my credit card.

Some of the characters that were around our hotel.
Once we got our luggage into our room, we grabbed some snacks headed to the park.  Just as we were getting on the bus to take us to Magic Kingdom Lauren fell ill. So I had to make a decision to either go with Mike to help with the boys or to take Lauren back to the room.  She said she could go back herself and I watched her walk back to the room while awarding myself "the mother of the year" award.

The boys were so excited to see Alice and luckily the line was quite short.

Lauren texted me about an hour after we got to the park and said she was feeling better and was on the bus to meet us.  There were apparently no other pictures taken from the first one in the park (above) until later that evening...I'll have to check with Mike to see if he took some.

The boys started to get tired after riding The Runaway Mine train so we headed back to the hotel and ate some dinner and put the boys down for the night.  Lauren and I headed back to the park as Mike wasn't feeling well.
Girls' night at the park

The castle at nightime and Christmas time!

There's a Starbucks at Disneyworld!
Day 2 of Magic Kingdom started at about 9 a.m.  Logan noticed the kids having the characters sign books so he came prepared with a pen and a small pad of paper.  We stopped right inside the park to pick up some some souvenirs; Logan got an autograph book, Travis got a Mickey pen, and Ian opted for a Mickey hat.

One of my favorite pics from our trip!

The boys were so excited to ride another roller coaster, but Mom was feeling a little nervous about it.  They barely made the height requirement; but looking at the pics they loved it!

Travis in front, Logan in back
After riding Space Mountain I got a text that Brenda was in the park and we came up with a place to meet.  Lauren had some idea that Uncle Bob was coming (because Mom talks without thinking sometimes) but she had absolutely no clue that her cousin Drew was coming.  When these girls saw each other I wish I had a picture of it - it was priceless!

The Scott and Johnson clan!

Another one of my favorite pics - Ian and Uncle Bob
After a couple of hours after meeting the Johnson's we had to take the boys back to the hotel as they were getting tired.  I left Lauren with Bob and Brenda and I headed back with Mike.  We took the boys for a quick swim and then dinner.  Once back at the hotel Mike cut me loose to go back to the park and spend more time with my family.

Drew, Donald and Lauren

Love seeing the castle like this!

Logan with his autograph book!
So after saying so long to Bob, Brenda and Drew at about 10 p.m that night  as they headed to go to Dad's place, I headed back to drop off Lauren at the hotel and pick up Mike.  Yes, I made three trips to the park that day and walked a total of 12 miles per my pedometer.  Mike and I got to see some of the sights without a huge crowd (make no mistake there were still plenty of people there at 11 p.m.).  We also got in some shopping and found the shirt that he had been looking for for two days.  It was a nice way to end the last night at Magic Kingdom.

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