Monday, January 13, 2014

Vacation PART 1 (Disney Cruise)

We left a day before our cruise actually started just in case we ran into any delays. We picked Lauren up from school a few hours earlier than we told her and took her to TopGolf before we got the boys out of school.

She has a pretty good swing!
Whenever we travel we attempt to get seats so that each one of us gets a kid to be in charge of.  That way no one is having two kids to handle on a plane - I've had one of those plane rides, and luckily it worked out for me.
Mike and his travel buddy, Travis and pipsqueak (photo bomb by Lauren)

Lauren's travel buddy - Logan
My travel buddy - Ian

Disney Cruise Line

On board there was a kids play area that had a section of computers, dress up, crafts, etc.  They had one room that was a Andy's Room from Toy Story and another room from Monsters, Inc.

My pretty girl at the first night's dinner.

Mickey dessert bar was a hit.

Some adult time - Mike just said that I'm looking really tan here!  (he got kicked)

Travis at our pirate night dinner

All the kiddos after dinner getting ready to watch "Villians" at the Walt Disney Theatre.

Castaway Cay with Chip N Dale
The boys at their very first ocean beach!

Lauren with her very own non alcoholic tropical drink!
That pretty much ends Phase I on our trip - our last night on the cruise ended with a "dressy" dinner which also included me falling down since I missed a step - leave it up to me to fall in a dress!

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