Friday, June 22, 2012

So far this summer

This is our first swim for the year..March 25th 2012.  This is how I expected to spend my summer - in the backyard. Last year and earlier this year the boys would slide down and into the pool for hours.
Our very first swim lesson of 2012 with our neighbor Ms. Sue.  The boys have come a long way from their first lesson with Ms. Sue and her son Matt.  The boys are confident in the water as long as they have their floaties on. Ian and Logan are my best swimmers.  Travis still freaks out a bit - but we are working on that.

Last weekend we went to the pool with Dad.  Here is Ian with no fear jumping to Dad.  All the boys were jumping to Dad, it got a little overwhelming at one point.

Tomorrow is a big day; it's the boys 4th birthday party.  This year it's going to be at a park so I can keep my house as messy as I want this weekend ;-)

Look out for a birthday post in the next few days!  I sometimes can't believe that they are going to be 4 years old next week!!

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