Monday, June 4, 2012

First summer outing of 2012

The first full week of summer is here. I was sick with what I would describe as the flu about 2 weeks ago and missed some end of year concerts for Lauren, but Dad was able to go in my place!  I'm back to normal and ready to get my summer on.

Today we went to the Dallas Aquarium at Fair Park.  It's a smaller aquarium that the one that is down town, but it's half the price too.

Here's Travis checking out the seahorses as we arrive.
 Logan, Travis, and Ian
 Here the kids are able to touch and pet the stingrays.  They were so friendly.  I went to the other side to take this picture and I looked down (because I was getting wet) and I saw a stingray flapping the water wanting to be petted - yeah I kindly declined and snapped this pic.

 There was an octopus in the nearby tank - although I couldn't find it.
This turtle has been in captivity since it was a youngen.  He apparently was found caught in a net and his right flipper had some damage to it as well his right "foot".  Lauren was sad - but I had to remind her that he was well taken care of here.  If you look closely there is a fish underneath him.  Every time he moved, the fish would move right along with was like the fish was helping him steer.

Look at this...a blog post on the same day as an outing!! 

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