Friday, March 30, 2012

Ms. L's 12th birthday

I have a 12 year old....and she is taller than I am.  There I admit it!

Here's Lauren opening her gifts after waking up...and look at all that help.

Her special breakfast as requested, homemade french toast with berry butter!

A few days later we had family over for dinner.  Lauren chose against a cake this year and asked for individual molten lava cakes.  Here she is blowing out her candles.

And at the end of February I took Lauren and two of her friends to dinner and "games".  Lauren chose to go to a restaurant that is called The Magic Time Machine but the wait to get a table was 2 hours.  I told encouraged Lauren to pick another restaurant.  Luckily Jinbeh had a minimal wait time.  Jinbeh is a Japanese restaurant and all the girls enjoyed having their meals prepared right in front of them.

1 comment:

Crystal said...

Aww, Lauren is turning into a very awesome and beautiful young lady. Good job, Mom!

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